10 Important Baking Equipment You Must Have

10 Important Baking Equipment You Must Have

If you are new to the delicious world of baking, you might be wondering what basics you need to start the journey. To expand your baking skills and give yourself a head start, you need to have the proper equipment to do so. Therefore, below you’ll find some highlighted baking tools that are essential for every baker.

  1. Weight scale

A weight scale is probably among the most basic items on this list. Since for good baking, you’ll need to measure the ingredients accurately. Inaccurate weight measurement is a grave mistake you can commit when baking. Preferably, get a digital scale that can accurately measure up to grams.

  1. Baking pans

A baking pan is the most basic equipment you’ll need for containing and baking anything. In this regard, you need to have a rectangular baking pan for items like brownies, cookies and a round baking pan to deal with cakes. Additionally, a load pan lets you bake all sorts of bread like banana bread, yeast bread, or pumpkin bread.

  1. Mixing bowls

As the name suggests, they are used to mix and contain the ingredients together to follow the recipe. Mixing bowls come in varying size, shape, and material. However, it’s recommended to get heatproof mixing bowls so that they could be put in the oven.

  1. Measuring spoons and cups

Since baking asks for precise ingredient measurement, measuring spoons and cups will do the job for you. For liquid ingredients, use a measuring glass or cup while solid ingredients will make use of measuring spoons.

  1. Baking sheet

A baking sheet acts as a flat pan to bake products such as cookies, bread and pastries that are thick enough not to melt over. It is an essential baking tool that works with a long list of baked products.

  1. Cooling racks

Cooling racks allow the baked items to cool off much effectively since the air can circulate the items much better. Thus, your freshly baked cake, cookies, or muffins will cool down better while avoiding sogginess.

  1. Rolling pin

A rolling pin helps to roll out and shape almost everything ranging from cookie and pizza dough to pie crust and even bread dough. For better results, look for sufficiently wide rolling pins to cover whatever dough you are flattening out.

  1. Spatula

A spatula is a useful tool for flipping, lifting, skimming, or scraping whatever ingredient you are dealing with. In this regard, you can look for a silicone spatula for scraping very last of the element from the bowl and an offset spatula for frosting a cake easily.

  1. Whisk

A whisk is a handy tool used to add in the air to a mixture or blend certain ingredients. A standard balloon whisk can do most of the jobs for you, ranging from whisking eggs to whipping cream and preparing sauces. You can also opt for an electric whisker to avoid all the labour.

  1. Pastry brush

A pastry brush lets you brush the top of biscuits, pastries, pie, and other baked items with milk, butter or an egg wash. You can effectively coat butter on biscuits or egg wash on pie crust with a pastry brush. However, make sure to get a good quality pastry brush that is readily washable and won’t shed bristles when used.


Hopefully, our list of 10 important baking equipment you must have will act as a guide for a successful baking journey. Read a lot of baking related books, not just for recipes but for finding motivation and guidance as well.

Nicholas Jansen