11 Memorial Gift Ideas To Give A Grieving Friend

11 Memorial Gift Ideas To Give A Grieving Friend

It’s heartbreaking to see a friend lose a loved one. As your friend mourns the loss of someone special to them, you should let them know that you’re there for them. And one way to do so is by giving heartfelt memorial gifts.

In this article, you’ll find 11 memorial gift ideas you can give to warm the heart of a grieving friend.

Your Memory is a Treasure Lantern –  This lantern is a tribute to the memories of someone who has passed away. The openable panel features a beautifully worded verse about memories as a treasure, with a pacifying nature as background.

Treasured Memories Keepsake Box –  One of the most popular memorial gifts, this wooden keepsake box is a perfect space where your friend can gather special mementos of the loved one that they’d lost; a metaphorical holder of memories that ought to be treasured for a long time.

Those We Love Memorial Candle – Those we love are never really gone. And this memorial candle is a celebration of their undying presence in our lives. If you have a grieving friend, it is one of those memorial gifts that can easily bring back memories whenever seen.

Listen to the Wind Bronze Chime –  This rustic-looking wind chime can help soothe hearts with the sweet music it brings. If your friend misses the deceased, this can serve as a reminder for them to take a pause and simply listen to the wind.

The Broken Chain Photo Plaque –  The Broken Chain by Ron Tanmer is a popular poem that ponders upon death. This classic literary piece gets immortalized in this wooden photo plaque that can be personalized with the deceased’s picture.

“If Tears” Memorial Plaque –  This exquisitely crafted wooden plaque contains a heartfelt poem that reads: “If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane/ I’d walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.”

In Loving Memory Dog Tag – This is one of those sympathy gifts that the recipient can take anywhere. It’s a customizable dog tag that can feature the deceased’s name and birth and death anniversaries. Written in the bottom part is the “Forever in my heart” phrase that resounds with an enduring kind of love.

Beautiful Angel Memory Pendant –  Like the dog tag, this memorial gift can be worn and taken by the recipient wherever they may be. It can be customized with the deceased’s photo and is a literal way to keep the deceased close to their heart.

In Loving Memory Memorial Car Decal – If the deceased has a treasured car, this gift is a unique homage to their memory. It’s a durable decal featuring the time-honored phrase, “In loving memory of” above a pair of angel wings. It can be customized with the deceased’s full name, and birth and death dates.

Never Forgotten Oval Key Chain –  This is a sympathy gift that’s simple, practical, and ideal for people who are on the go. Measuring 4″ long and 1 ¾” wide, this faux leather is available in light and dark brown.

Merry Christmas in Heaven Ornamen –  If the passing of your friend’s loved one coincides with the holiday season, this ornament is the sympathy gift you’re looking for. This tear-shaped glass ornament may be small, but it can hold so much meaning for the bereaved.

David Lockhart