11 Steps To Starting Your Own Pet Care Business

11 Steps To Starting Your Own Pet Care Business

Do pets inspire an affectionate feeling in you? Do you often feel like you have what it takes to cater to the several needs that pet parents have and may need a helping hand with? If you have a knack for taking care of and loving animals, then starting your own pet care business may seem like a no-brainer to you.

Many people treat their pets like their kids, so you must be sensitive to their needs. The pet industry is booming, but like any other business, a pet care business requires much consideration and planning. Whether it be dog walking, pet grooming, or selling pet products, you will likely see success in the industry with the proper execution of your plans.

Below we have outlined some steps that you can take in doing the same.

  •       Find your niche

The first step to starting any business is to identify your expertise. Different pet services and products require different skill sets and focus areas. It is a good idea to have a solid vision in place for your business, whether it be selling pet toys or dog sitting. It would be best to decide which pets you are comfortable dealing with and some animals you would instead not handle.

  •       Develop a plan and policies

First, come up with a catchy name for your business. It is also good to have clear-cut answers about how big your business should be initiated and how many employees you would hire, if any. Think about any affiliates you may have and the resources available to you in the initial phase of your business.

  •       Manage your financing

Start by getting a separate bank account for your business. Figure out how much starting capital you would require and if you need to take any loans to match this figure.

  •       Plan out your hours and pricing

Do your services require more time, which means that you charge more from a few customers? How many customers or clients can you be accessible to at a time? Decide on pricing and payment methods for your client. Your customers would usually want to know your working hours in advance to plan their visits to you accordingly.

  •       Identify your target audience and locale

Your nearness to your prospective clients can make or break your pet business. Also, be aware of the competition in your chosen location and its marketing strategies.

  •       Identify a space

You need to know your spatial requirements, especially if you’re in a pet business that requires the pets to be around. Ensure that you have adequate space while adhering to local zonal requirements. You may also choose to take your business online only, depending on your services and products.

  •       Get the license and certificates

Before starting, find out about the necessary licenses and registrations for your pet care business from your local authorities. You can take the help of a lawyer for a smooth sailing process of enlisting yourself as a legal entity.

  •       Register for taxes 

Sort out your tax concerns by registering your business for state and federal taxes at your nearest taxation office. Your business structure determines your income tax liabilities and any relaxations, if possible.

  •       Gather the necessary equipment

Once the paperwork and spatial requirements for your business are in place, start by gathering your resources. What tools would you need for your pet care business? These could range from traditional furniture and transportation facilities to more specific pet needs such as leashes, food, and emergency tool kits.

  •       Keep records and stay organized

Once you’ve started your shop, keep up with the paperwork and bookkeeping. Schedule your clients in an organized way so that timings don’t clash and your customers are satisfied. Also, be prepared for emergency scheduling and backup plans if your clients have out-of-the-box requests or need help at odd hours.

  •       Market your business

Generate word-of-the-mouth for your pet care business, as it is the best way of scoring more clients. Happy clients will recommend you to their friends, family, and co-workers. You may also network or affiliate with other relevant pet businesses for more straightforward recommendations. Make business cards and hand them over to acquaintances you think may need the services of your company.

A solid social media presence would enhance your reach as well, so consider getting a Google listing for your business or even setting up a website. Acknowledge client testimonials. If your clients are not satisfied, assure them that you will improve their experience next time.

Consider getting insurance for your pet care business to protect yourself from risks. Accidents can happen when pets are involved, whether the animals themselves or other infrastructural repair costs. Easily compare business insurance quotes online here.


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