11 Tips From Locksmiths To Prevent Home Burglary

11 Tips From Locksmiths To Prevent Home Burglary

According to the Bureau of Justice, an average of 3.7 million burglaries occur yearly. What’s crazy is that 28% of these burglaries happened when a household member is in the house.

Here are some tips from locksmiths on how you can prevent home burglary.

Leave the TV on

Several locksmith Philadelphia will advise that leaving your TV on even when you have gone to bed or when you’re out doing errands is a great way to lower your chance of having your house be picked by a burglar.

Do not underestimate door locks

Locks are the most basic yet most neglected way to keep a house safe. Make sure that your locks are of top quality and are not easily tampered. You can Google “locksmith near me” or “locksmith Philadelphia” to seek advice from some of the professionals on how you can improve your home security system.

Bolster garage security

When we talk about home security, be sure to include your garage as well. While most burglars will target your kitchen door or living room windows, the garage is also another possible entry point for them. Garages are considered as storage space for some very valuable items. Make sure that you seek a locksmith near me to ensure very strong locks and windows.

Invest in quality break-proof laminate windows

A locksmith Philadelphia can be very helpful with door locks, but what about windows? A quality break-proof laminate windows can slow down burglars, which forces them to be on your property for longer. This will definitely have a deterrent effect on their plan.

Consider a dog

If you already have a dog, that’s great. However, if you’ve always wanted one and you’re also planning to improve your home security system, then this will be like hitting two birds with one stone! You’ll be able to get a good warning if someone is approaching your house.

Don’t stick to the same routine every day

Vary your schedule so that if someone is planning a burglary, they won’t be able to predict when you’re in or out of the house.

Have your indoor lights on automatic timers

Similar to leaving your TV on, you can also have your indoor lights on automatic timers. This will give the illusion that someone is at home and awake. The automatic timers are perfect when you want to maintain your electric bill, too!

Be wary of anyone staking out

It’s important to be vigilant and aware of anyone spending too much time outside your house. Intruders will most likely have repeat visits to your property so always be cognizant of your surroundings.

Be smart when you’re on social media

It’s terrifying how you can know so much about someone online. Be smart when you’re posting on social media and don’t divulge any information that will invite burglars into your home.

Cancel deliveries when you’re away

Cancel deliveries, such as milk, newspaper, magazines, or anything else that could give clues that your home has been unattended for days now.

Upgrade your high-security locks and keys

Lastly, and we could not stress this enough, upgrade your high-security locks and keys. Checking your doors and windows if they are locked is not enough, you need a locksmith Philadelphia to ensure that they are not easily compromised.

Oftentimes, a burglar would enter an unlocked door or window to get inside the house. This is why you should ensure that all the locks in your house are reliable and secure.

Edward Powell