13 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

13 Signs You Need Marriage Counseling

Getting married is one of the best things that you can experience in life. From the proposal to the planning of the home that you’ll live in together, it feels like a ride for every couple that goes through it. They all experience something truly unique to their marriage.

However, there are marriages where the cracks begin to take shape. What’s worse is if these cracks aren’t entirely noticeable. Knowing when you should get marriage counseling Colorado Springs can be terrifying because it means that you have to acknowledge that the marriage needs to be fixed and that’s the last thing a couple would want to hear.

1. You no longer talk to each other

Communication is what makes a marriage work. If you are no longer speaking with each other, then you won’t be able to communicate how you feel and what you think.

2. Lies are becoming more convenient

The more lies there are in a marriage, the worse it will become. Lies shouldn’t be used to prolong a failing marriage. This can be addressed during marriage counseling Colorado Springs.

3. You spend more time apologizing

If you find yourself apologizing or being apologized to more often than you two as a couple being able to enjoy your relationship, that should be a cause for concern.

4. Unwillingness to de-escalate

When neither parties budge during an argument anymore, then there is an animosity that has brewed which led to that point.

5. You doubt everything that your partner says

There should be a healthy level of trust between a married couple. When the seed of doubt has been planted, it may take a long time for the feeling to wear off.

6. Failure to acknowledge mistakes

Knowing when to cave in and say that it’s your mistake is what keeps a relationship going because you get a chance to reassess yourself.

7. You spend more time talking about your marriage to other people

Fixing your marriage through marriage counseling Colorado Springs is the best approach other than actually talking to your partner.

8. There is always a feeling of dread when you’re together

Do you find yourself dreading the times that you have to spend with your partner? This means that you no longer enjoy their company.

9. Your way of communicating has devolved into emoji form

There’s nothing wrong in expressing yourself through emojis especially when you’re too tired to text, but if sending emojis is all that you do, then there will be a lack of understanding.

10. One of you cheated

If either one of you has cheated but opted to not tell the other about it, that should be a major red flag.

11. Lack of intimacy

Being intimate is one of the highlights of being a married couple. The time that you spend together being intimate should never falter to where it’s almost unrecognizable that you’re a couple.

12. Always out with friends

There needs to be a balance between being with friends and being with who you are married to.

13. You never hear about future plans

Planning for the future is how you know that there is still an interest in the marriage. When there’s no interest, there’s no incentive to plan ahead.

David Lockhart