3 Essential Tools For Students

3 Essential Tools For Students

Now that almost all educational institutes are teaching online due to the pandemic, online tools can really help out students save time and effort. Although online education seems a better idea in terms of fatigue and comfort, it is a lot of effort when it comes to doing assignments or projects. However, if you are smart about it, you can save yourself hours if you start using these online tools we are about to mention. So, if you want to know what these tools are and how they are going to help you in your school journey, then keep reading. Here are 6 essential online tools for students.


PDFSimpli is an online Pdf editor that helps you play around with pdfs as much as you like. Although PDFs have Acrobat as their default editor, you can only do so much as Adobe Acrobat has very limited editing features.

If you are attending an online school, you will be sharing anything that you will submit in the form of a Word document or a PDF. A PDF is a much safer option as it can’t easily be tampered with. PDFSimpli allows a variety of basic conversion features like converting a PDF to Word document or converting JPG to PDF and vice versa.

They also allow some advanced features that may be useful to a lot of people. Watermarking a PDF for patent purposes or compressing a PDF if you are uploading it as a document can come in handy. Although it has a subscription fee, most of the features are available to use for free.

Google Drive

Google is the most trusted mailing platform with over 1.5 billion users worldwide. If you are not using it, then you should sign up. With an email created, you can take advantage of Google cloud services that are really easy to use and provide a lot of great utility.

Google Drive is Google’s cloud storage solution. With the free version, you get 15GB of space online that you can fill with anything you want. So, instead of filling up your physical storage with crucial documents or programs, you can upload them on Google Drive.

The advantage of using cloud storage instead of a regular physical drive is that it is prone to human error and any other kind of damage. Physical drives are easily damaged, and recovering data from them can cost a lot of cash and a lot of time. With Google Drive, your data is safely kept over the internet and can be used by you from anywhere if you have an internet connection.


Writing documents is necessary when you attend online schools. Whether you are taking notes or doing a project, or doing an assignment, you have to write some kind of document. While writing a document is not a big deal, you can really look over some basic grammatical mistakes that will make you and your project look bad.

Grammarly helps you rectify any and all grammatical mistakes present in your document while suggesting to you some tips to make your content readable. It can save you a lot of time when it comes to writing long documents and just checking official letters and emails.

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