3 Tips to Style Wedding Venue

3 Tips to Style Wedding Venue

Wedding season is fast approaching and with so many items on your to-do list styling your venue can feel like a daunting task. The good news is that there are so many themes and variations on themes to make your venue reflect your unique vision for the perfect wedding day. Styling your Austin wedding venue does not need to add to your stress level, so consider these tips when deciding on venue décor.

  1. Go Glam!

Glitz and glamour are a perennial favorite when it comes to wedding styling. The great part about this is how versatile the glam look can be and with a little creativity can be incorporated into nearly any wedding theme. Think sparkles, glitter, crystal, gold, and the like. There are dozens of retailers with a variety of gilded trinkets to spice up your venue and reflect your individuality. Table vases with floating candles are a simple, yet elegant, accent to create beautiful and lavish centerpieces. Tie in a few shiny and dazzling hanging accents to increase the opulent feel of your venue. The fun part about choosing a glam vibe for your venue is that you can add pops of glitz to any theme. Shabby chic? Great, add a sparkly ribbon to centerpieces. Choosing a color theme? Even better—glittering decorations of any color in the rainbow are easy to find and incorporate into your venue.

  1. Relax and go Au Naturel.

If sparkle and shine isn’t quite your scene, consider taking the natural route and let the great outdoors inspire your design choices. Incorporating hints of nature into your venue gives a comfortable and cozy feel regardless of any other overall theme. Flower walls are fast growing as a popular alternative to traditional photo booth settings. Try talking to your florist about creating a large focal point for the venue that can double as a backdrop for unforgettable photo ops. Weddings are for all seasons, so perhaps take a cue from the calendar when deciding on items to include in our venue. Use pine cones and colored leaves for an autumn wedding; try pastel flowers for the spring; in the summer you can use locally collected wildflowers. These sources of inspiration can add a touch of nature when applied to any element of your venue décor.

  1. Vintage Vibes.

Every era has its own distinct aesthetic and most are easy to identify. Try utilizing the design ideas of the past to jazz up your venue today. Vintage items of all stripes can provide a quaint and quirky ambience while providing fun conversation-starters for your guests. If your venue tends toward the whimsical consider finding antique birdcages, hangers, dress stands, and the like. Guests will enjoy taking photos with such unique objects and it will enhance the spirit of romance for your special day. Not all that is vintage must be antique, you can also take this concept in a retro or throwback direction and add accents from a special period of time in your own life. A fun and funky take on vintage will create a one of a kind experience for you and your guests.

Regardless of your wedding theme, there are countless ways to incorporate a fun design into your venue. There is no need to go overboard when styling your Austin wedding venue; hints and suggestions toward the theme will recreate the desired feel without having to be an exact replica. Your venue and wedding are as unique as you are, so go ahead and try some of these styling tips to ensure your special day is unforgettable.


Bonnie Baldwin