3 Ways to Download Files in 2020

3 Ways to Download Files in 2020

The Internet is our favorite content provider. Starting from text files to video clips, everything is available on the internet for our use. But, watching something while being online on the Internet can cost you a lot of your data plan and laptop battery. So we have come up with a few methods to download files and enjoy watching them offline. We have also listed down some of the best torrent sites available online.

Top 3 Ways to Download Files from the Internet

1.Download from online Torrent platforms

Torrent sites have gained popularity over time. They have turned out to be one of the easiest ways to download files from the Internet. Some of the best torrent sites available today are The Private Bay, RARBG, 1337x, TorLock, and Torrentz2.

The process of downloading files is simple.

  1. Install a Torrent application on your system.
  2. Then go to a torrent website and find the file you desire to download.
  3. Put the link on the torrent application and set the download location [Before that scan the file for viruses].
  4. Put the file on download and wait till it gets downloaded.

While downloading from torrent, make sure to apply some safety measure such as using a VPN so that your IP address and internet activity is hidden. This prevents your system from getting hacked.

2.Use a Download Manager

There are plenty of download managers available online. These download managers support a wide range of files. They also support the conversion of files from one format to the other.

It is a simple process. You just have to insert the file link on the download manager bar. Then choose the format you want your file to be downloaded in. Click on the download button and wait till the download finishes.

3.Save File from the Site Directly

The third way is to save a file directly from the site. Few websites allow the direct downloading of files. You can also open a file in the browser and then directly right click and then save the file on your system. But remember this applies largely to picture and a few text files. This function does not apply to video formats.


Downloading files from the Internet today is no more a rocket science. Many different ways can be employed. But whichever way you follow, remember to ensure your safety first. Never download files from untrusted sites. Install anti-virus software for better assistance. We hope this article will help you to download a file from the Internet.

David Lockhart