4 Items You Need Everyday That are Made With Acid Etching

4 Items You Need Everyday That are Made With Acid Etching

When someone mentions the term ‘acid etching,’ thoughts of metal being etched in an industrial factory somewhere quickly come to mind. But acid etching is more closely involved with domestic and common commercial items than you may think. Here are some everyday items that are made with metal parts that are crafted with chemical etching. The answers may surprise you!

1. Microwaves

Acid etching helps make microwaves! EMI and RFI shielding cans, electrical contacts, and circuits are all etched parts from the manufacturer who puts them together. They were probably made with the help of a photo chemical etching company that agreed to make parts for the microwave company. Who knew all of that went into the microwave that heats up your popcorn on Friday night? It’s something to think about.

2. Cars

Trucks, sedans, and SUVs have plenty of metal parts with various vehicle functions. Mesh screens, gaskets, springs, and other pieces help the vehicle to move properly and keep the driver and passengers safe. The steering wheel, for example, is installed with washers and fasteners that secure it from coming off in quick movements. Nuts and bolts that hold the wheels together must be approved for safety in the event of a sudden stop or an accident. 

3. Hearing Aids

People who are deaf or hard of hearing depend on these important medical devices in their daily activities. These tiny machines have even tinier parts inside that would not be made possible without etching technology. The springs and metal pieces must be stress and burr-free in order to work properly. 

4. Airplanes

If you fly frequently for work, think about the companies that etched the parts responsible for a safe and smooth flight. Air intake grills, heat exchangers, and diaphragms are just of few of many applications that help make air travel safe and comfortable for passengers and flight staff. That doesn’t include the cockpit either, with its dizzying amount of switches and controls. Each and every single one must work properly for the pilot on every flight, every time. 

Can you think of other items that you use every day with etched metal parts? You may think of them right away… like the computerized device you’re reading this blog post from! Now you can impress your colleagues with the information you learned today.


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