: 4 Useful Skills Learned at Locksmith School

: 4 Useful Skills Learned at Locksmith School

Most of us think of locksmiths as the people who can get us back into our homes or cars when we’ve locked ourselves out. (One advantage to choosing this career is that if the above scenario frequently happens to you, you’ll know what to do). There’s so much more to this occupation, though, than picking locks and re-keying knobs and deadbolts. Here’s an overview of 4 essential skills you will learn at locksmith school.

1. Installing and Servicing Locks

Locksmith training covers the various types of locks and how to install them. You will also learn the fundamentals of servicing locks, including locksets and pin and disc cylinders, along with rekeying lock cylinders. Online lessons teach you about drilling and replacing mailbox locks, swapping out door hardware, and door lock repair.

2. Picking Locks

This is a skill you will use regularly on the job. You will need to know how to pick various types of locks whenever keys have been misplaced.

3. Copying Keys

Part of your locksmith school course involves learning to duplicate keys. You will learn how to copy keys– using a key-cutting machine to create master keys– and to cut keys even when you don’t have the original. Training covers the types of keys you can expect to duplicate. Most people think of locksmiths as being responsible for cutting house and car keys, but you also need to know about control keys, master keys, double-sided keys, and more.

4. Installing and Servicing Alarms, Electronic Locks, and Security Systems

In today’s digital world, you will also need to know how to create and copy keys using key codes. Your course teaches you how to program keys and operate electronic locks, including complex locking systems. You’ll also become familiar with ignition keys and automotive software systems.

A Smart Career Choice

As a locksmith, you will have an important role in the growing security industry. Your skills will be in demand just about everywhere, and you will work with residential and commercial customers, as well as various institutions. Most employers prefer that you complete locksmith school before starting your job search. You can also gain required skills through a locksmith apprenticeship.

Locksmith Training Online

At the online locksmith school at Ashworth College, you will learn about all the tools and techniques of the trade. Ready to discover how a locksmith course can open the door to an exciting career? Contact us to learn more or enroll today.

David Lockhart