5 Best LGBT-friendly Places in the World

5 Best LGBT-friendly Places in the World

The Netherlands was the first nation in the world to legalize same-sex unions twenty years ago. 28 nations have since adopted the same policy, including the majority of Western Europe. Nevertheless, homosexuality is still illegal in 70 countries, some of which—including six UN member states—impose the death sentence.

So, in comparison to heterosexual travels, LGBT travelers may encounter significant hazards and feel more stress depending on their destination. Fortunately, the world is (slowly) progressing and there are now more LGBT-friendly travel destinations available than ever before. Here are the top 5 gay-friendly travel locations in the globe.

Montevideo, Urugay

Uruguay is the smallest and most developed nation in South America, located between Argentina and Brazil. Since 1934, same-sex relationships have been permitted; since 2004, LGBTQ+ people have been protected by anti-discrimination laws; and since 2013, homosexual marriage and diverse gay dating has been permitted. The capital of the country and the place where about half of Uruguay’s people reside, Montevideo is a lively, laid-back city with a strong cultural scene and breathtaking Atlantic Ocean beaches.

Montevideo is a great starting point for day travels throughout Uruguay because it is a tiny nation. Don’t miss Salto, Paysandu, and the Colonia del Sacramento UNESCO World Heritage Site in the west. You may also take day trips to the wild party destinations of Punta del Este, La Paloma, and Punta del Diablo.

Tel Aviv, Israel

The Middle East is infamous for being one of the least gay-welcoming regions in the world (with same gender sex punishable by death in Iran, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia). The most advanced nation in terms of LGBTQ+ rights is Israel, which even markets Tel Aviv, its capital, as a destination for gay travelers. Tel Aviv, which is located on the Mediterranean Sea, is well renowned for its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and LGBTQ+ community.

In stark contrast to some of the more conservative and religious cities in Israel and the surrounding area, the city is a welcome and open place. Tel Aviv offers a safe haven for members of the LGBTQ+ community from neighboring nations in the region and welcomes homosexual travelers with open arms.

Mykonos, Greece

The Greek island of Mykonos has developed a reputation for fame and glitz since Jackie Onassis began visiting this stunning Aegean jewel in the 1970s, with a constant influx of trendy new hotels, beach bars, and restaurants. Mykonos has maintained its ancient whitewashed homes, cobblestoned labyrinthine passageways, and century-old windmills that are indicative of the Cycladic region.

However, the stunning beaches and the island’s party scene draw the majority of visitors. The island’s liberal outlook has also drawn tourists who identify as LGTBQ+, and as a result, Mykonos has established itself as a popular homosexual holiday destination. The island, together with Ibiza, Gran Canaria, and Sitges in Catalonia, is one of the so-called “big 4” gay summer tourist destinations in Europe, although Mykonos is by far the most fashionable and up-to-date resort.

New York, USA

If you can succeed in New York, you can succeed elsewhere! The Big Apple epitomizes the metropolitan lifestyle and serves as the ideal cosmopolitan destination. Here, you may explore some of the top museum collections in the entire world, shop ’til you drop, take in world-class performances, and face challenging eating options.


In Iceland, an adventure is waiting to happen every day. Iceland is a true outdoor enthusiast’s heaven, with a wealth of mountains, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, lakes, caverns, and other challenging terrain just waiting to be explored. Along with its breathtaking natural beauty, Iceland is a friendly destination for LGBTQ+ tourists.

There aren’t many countries in the world where people of all genders and sexual orientations experience as much love and as little hatred as they do in Iceland. Iceland has developed into a true rainbow paradise and a well-liked travel destination for homosexual people and gender minorities thanks to its nearly complete legal equality, strong representation in the legislature and the media, and an infrastructure that exists to support and advance queer people.

The places we mentioned above are some of the best ones we outlined for you to visit as a LGBT. Extremely friendly places, with nice people are some things you cannot miss out on.

David Lockhart