5 Digital Marketing Trends That’s Shaping the Healthcare Industry

5 Digital Marketing Trends That’s Shaping the Healthcare Industry


If one thing is certain it is that digital technology has reshaped our lives pretty significantly over the past few decades. Many will argue over how good or bad it truly is but the truth is that for many things the information age has allowed faster and more efficient services for many industries. One, in particular, that has been benefiting from the rapid progression of technology is the healthcare industry. It has allowed for maximum efficiency and has even led to some ways for patients to better manage their health with apps and better access to doctors. Here are five ways digital marketing trends are helping to shape the future of the healthcare industry.

1: Billions Now Own Mobile Devices

In just a few short years the number of people on the planet that use a mobile device has skyrocketed. Billions of people have one with them at all times. Furthermore, they have become one of the most popular ways of reaching providers and other health resources as well as managing health information with apps and such. With that into consideration, healthcare digital marketing services are now easily able to reach out to billions of customers and show instantaneous results.

2: Telemedicine on the Rise

In the past few years, there has been a sharp increase in the availability of telemedicine services. These services allow people to talk to and get treatment from providers without ever stepping into a doctor’s office. They are making a huge difference in the way people manage their health and many organizations are diversifying their efforts and getting into telemedicine to reach patients across their complete care journey. This trend has also allowed many patients to track their health data leading to a better understanding of their health.

3: Tracking Health

Many patients these days are using apps to help them manage and track their activity and health data. This has shown to improve sleep, reduce stress, and promote an overall feeling of well-being. Also, it has led to some interesting opportunities for healthcare digital marketing services such as Moonraker.AI and many others. By creating personalized marketing that appeals to the user’s specific health concerns they will be drawn to those particular healthcare organizations.

4: Rebranding as “Lifestyle Brands”

More exposure in the digital realm has led to many consumers looking for over the counter or more holistic approaches to health. This has led many healthcare companies to rebrand themselves into “Lifestyle Brands” that will help to foster growth. Additionally, the higher difficulty and cost of bringing new prescriptions to the market have helped lead this change. Some of the best healthcare marketing these days is moving towards a brand image that supports a healthy lifestyle instead of using pills to mask symptoms like the old days.

5: Longer Life Spans in the Digital Age

There has been an uptick in global life expectancy being experienced in recent years. This is of course due to better healthcare and more recognition from people of proper health management techniques including digital. With people living longer it is leading to an increase in the older population using technology like smartphones and in turn leading to better access to medicine. It also means that healthcare digital marketing services have an opportunity to build brand familiarity for decades to come as patients age. Please visit here to learn more: https://www.moonraker.ai

David Lockhart