5 Home Remedies to Relieve a Sore Throat

5 Home Remedies to Relieve a Sore Throat


Anyone who has ever experienced a sore throat knows how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be. A sore throat is part of the body’s natural immune response to infections such as the flu or common colds and is the result of swelling and inflammation of the mucous membranes.

Thankfully, sore throats are not usually serious and there are numerous remedies to find some relief you can try at home before heading to the pharmacy.

5 At-Home Sore Throat Remedies

  • Honey – Its natural antibacterial properties make honey one of nature’s best healers, providing soothing pain relief and fighting against infection. Honey is also a highly effective cough suppressant.
  • Saltwater – Gargling with saltwater is a simple way to reduce swelling inside the throat, as it loosens the mucus from the inflamed tissues and eases discomfort.
  • Lemon – Similar to honey and saltwater, lemon breaks up mucus in the throat. It’s also packed with Vitamin C, which provides an extra immunity boost. Combine lemon and honey to maximize their antibacterial benefits.
  • Herbal tea – Many teas contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, plus drinking plenty of fluids keeps the mucous membranes moist and provides soothing relief for a sore throat.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Like honey, apple cider vinegar is antibacterial. Gargle with it just like saltwater or combine it with honey for powerful relief.

When to Go to the Pharmacy

If your sore throat doesn’t go away after trying these remedies or if it gets worse, it may be time to go to the pharmacy for over-the-counter medicines or pain relievers or even an antibiotic. Pay careful attention to sore throats that are accompanied by a fever, chills, or nausea, as these symptoms could indicate a more serious illness.

Edward Powell