5 Key Factors to Consider in Venue Selection

5 Key Factors to Consider in Venue Selection

Your venue is the first element that decides the success of an event! Choosing a venue can depend on several factors starting right from the date of the event. A venue can often be an intimidating choice to make.

When you are out to select a venue, consider the following 5 key factors:

  1. Budget

Budget is a key factor when selecting a venue. If you end up spending too much for venue hire in London, it might be difficult to make room for the cost of food, acoustics, beverage, services, etc. The best is to have a venue that would do the job just fine and is a convenient one for the host, attendees and the purpose of the event.

  1. Location

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes when choosing the venue location. Choosing a venue which is within reach for attendees will mean a maximum turnout. When hosting outstation guests, it is good to choose a location near the airport or hotels. You can even house the guests at a particular location before the date of the event. However, if the location is not convenient, you might be heading for a disaster.

  1. Services and Amenities

The services and amenities form a crucial part in venue selection.  Several factors that come in here like, catering, tables, chairs, cleanup crew, audio-visual, acoustics, etc. These are the main pain points when it comes to choosing a venue. The reason why one chooses to have an event at a particular place most times is the ease of getting all of the above services at one place. One might choose to get it done by hiring event planners, but a venue that offers important services often becomes the reason for the choice.

  1. Capacity and layout

You would need to choose a venue that can seat the expected number of attendees. It would be safe to go for a venue hire in London that has a higher capacity in number in case your attendee number is not fixed.

For the layout, several things might need consideration, like the parking, floor plan, event activities, requirement for a bar area, stage, auditorium, reception desk, set up of tables and chairs, location of the team, catering, audio-visual, acoustics, etc. The layout plays a huge part in determining how organized and disciplined an event will turn out.

  1. Ambience and accessibility

You need to set the right ambience depending on the purpose of the event. For example, if it is a play, a stage or a performance area is a must. While an exhibition cannot be held in an auditorium, therefore, depending on the purpose of the event, the right ambience needs to be set.

The venue should be accessible to everybody, including the ones with special needs. Care should be taken when selecting a venue that can be conveniently reached by all attendees.

The above 5 key factors are important to consider when deciding on venue hire in London. For more information, visit: https://www.methodacting.co.uk/studio-hire/

Nicholas Jansen