5 Reasons Why Skittles Are Better Than Smarties

5 Reasons Why Skittles Are Better Than Smarties

There is always an ongoing debate going on over Skittles and Smarties. Both skittles and smarties have long been under the limelight of attention. Although both the candies are highly favored, vegan skittles are much better than smarties. Skittles have always been a delightfully tangy, sweet, and a sugary snack. And the fact the skittles are purely vegan is what makes them better than smarties.

When comparing if skittles are better than smarties, here are a few ways how the former is always the winner. 

  • Skittles are Twice as Flavorful As Smarties

To begin with, skittles are always more flavorful than smarties. Smarties are simply melted chocolate which creates a lot of mess. Skittles on the other hand boast of a fruity flavor and have multiple varieties of flavors with the change in colors. Smarties are boring and are usually the same thing with the same flavor. With Skittles you can create several types of flavors that are yummy, however, smarties are available in only chocolate flavors which is pretty much the same. 

  • Skittles Come in Multiple Packs

The Skittles are preferred for having a vast array of flavors. Moreover, they are also available in a plethora of packs that comprise of wild-berry, tropical, and 30 more such delighting flavors. When researched among a group of students, they said they look forward to Skittles more than Smarties simply because the latter lacked flavor.

  • Skittles Contain Your Daily Dose of Vitamin-C

Unlike Smarties, Skittles can prove healthy for your body. It isn’t just a candy that can be added to your glass of vodka to create an equally sweet and strong drink. Skittles can also prove to be a wonderful replacement of vitamin C pills. A pack of Skittles unlike Smarties contains 50% of your daily recommended Vitamin C

  • Skittles Don’t Melt Like Smarties

One of the prime reasons why Skittles are way ahead than your pack of Smarties is because they do not melt so quickly like the latter. Skittles can remain as it is round the clock and you can even keep inside your pocket sans the fear of dealing with a messy pocket. 

  • Skittles Contain Lesser Calorie Content Than Smarties

The Skittles comprise only 61 calories in each of its snack-size bags. However, the peanut Smarties are loaded with 90 calories. More so, the Skittles can instantly spike your sugar dosage, turning you all active and happy in a jiffy as compared to Smarties whose sugar releases slowly into your bloodstream and takes time in making you active.

Skittles are any day better than Smarties and are better for your health. No wonder why more and more mums around the world are preferring vegan Skittles as the perfect snacks for their kids over Smarties.

Edward Powell