5 Reasons Why To Invest In Independent Homes

5 Reasons Why To Invest In Independent Homes

If you like me are the urban middle class living in the city of dreams Mumbai then you must be used to the matchbox living lifestyle where everything is about squeezing into whatever space available to us be it cramping our wardrobe to its limit or trying to make space for that favorite rocking chair in the living room with all other furniture or simply trying to maintain a collection of your books without it being threatened by family members to be given away to the infamous radiwalas hell we even squeeze in space at local trains for the fourth seat even though it is meant for three passengers only.

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We Indians simply love collecting be it grandmother’s old utensils,sarees,artifacts or old memories like photographs,tokens we just don’t want to give them away and like every other Indian household we manage to cramp them in some corner or the other Often wishing we had more space .So yes space alone is one main factor as to why you should be investing in Independent homes in shapoorji pallonji sewri or Villas but here I am giving  four more reasons as well !!!

  • Space

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            Independent villas allow you the luxury of space imagine owning a home where you don’t have to worry about where to store your things and how to store, you get absolute independence as to how you want to utilize your space.also space means ample of breathing room where you get to have your personal space your corner of zen without feeling like other family members breathing down your neck. So yeah Space is a huge motivator when it comes to investing in Independent villas.

  • Designing As per your choice

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When you invest in independent homes you get the freedom of designing your home as per your requirement and creativity you no longer have to compromise on your desires unlike in flats or apartments where the layouts are fixed and you can’t make any changes even if you want to, however with Villas or independent home you can start from zero levels and build up your dream home, so if you wish to have a massive queen-sized swing right in the middle of the living room then go ahead and have it nobody is going to stop you.

  • Vastu & FengShui

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Vastu Shastra and FengShui play a major role in Indian homes as its the belief that some things have to be in a certain direction or position for positivity and good vibes to enter our homes.

 However again with apartments, it’s not possible and often we have problems if the kitchen is in the wrong direction or the main entrance is not placed correctly because of which good energy won’t flow inside your home blocking the arrival of wealth, health, happiness, peace of mind and so on.

With an Independent villa, you won’t have to face these problems because you will be able to build your home as per the Vastu and feng-shui.

Fun Fact: Did you know that most of the Chinese infrastructure built-in Chinese cities are strictly constructed as per feng shui because they believe that good energy and flow of good energy is important for prosperity and abundance probably one of the reasons that China happens to be one of the Developed nations today.

  • Location

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Unlike in major cities when it comes to location your budget becomes a deciding factor as to where you want to buy your home as some areas are expensive and tend to be out of your budget.

But investing in independent homes means looking for property outside the city limits in rural areas or if you wish to have your Villa in some hill station which means less expensive investment but good returns as with rural infrastructure development projects going on as shapoorji pallonji sewri 2 bhk you can expect the property prices to rise in years to come.

Not forgetting that owning a home outside the city means it takes you away from the hustle of crowded cities and into a quieter place and cleaner air.

  • Green Home

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             Imagine owning a home outside the city limits nestled in between nature where the air is not polluted but clean where you breathe in oxygen and not carbon dioxide, where you are away from the constant hustle and noise and cocooned in a quieter, calmer space.

Also, you can be a proud owner of an eco-friendly home as an independent home allows you to install your home with solar panels through which you can run electricity this will cut your electricity expenses by more than 50% or even by 100%, you could have your kitchen garden along with composting pit.

If you are aware of the climatic changes taking place and want to contribute towards making a change then you can do this starting from your Independent home.

An independent home gives you the freedom of space, creativity, and the quality of life and choice of lifestyle that you dream for your family and yourself. If you have set your heart on owning an Independent Home or Villa on the outskirts of the city away from the concrete jungle then don’t overthink as like you many urban dwellers are shifting base to rural areas because of the advantages it has to offer. So go ahead and become the proud owner of your own Independent home !!!

Bonnie Baldwin