5 Signs That You Might Soon Need Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

5 Signs That You Might Soon Need Sewage Backup Cleanup Services


Sewage backup is a nasty business to handle, and no one wishes to ever experience it. It happens nonetheless, and you are either going in search of professional sewage backup cleanup services or you wield a bucket and a mop and try to take care of the mess yourself.

What if you know that you will soon have a sewage backup? What if you can prevent the nastiness and disgust that this problem presents? Here are 5 signs that show an impending sewage backup, and thus when to act.

5 Signs of an Impending Sewage Backup

  • Horrible Smells from the Drains: if stench begins to come out of your drains, it most probably means that they are not doing their job any longer. The drains are meant to transport wastes along with their smell out of your home. So, if the smell persists, there is every likelihood that the waste is still there too.
  • Water Draining Slowly: the speed at which water goes down your drain might also tell you if there is an impending sewage backup. High speed means you are safe, and a very slow speed means that you should either get it checked out or you begin to look for the sewage backup cleanup services around.
  • Bubbles from your Drains or Toilet: the presence of bubbles when you try to flush your toilet might mean that water is finding difficulty passing through the drains. If water cannot pass easily, then the solids are definitely having a harder time and it is only a matter of time before the whole drainage system fights back.
  • Waste Coming Out the Cleanout Pipes: The cleanout pipes are usually outside or in the basement and are capped. It provides direct access to the sewer line and is used when clogs and debris are to be cleared out from the drain pipes. If sewage and wastewater begin to come out from this pipe however, then it means there is a problem somewhere. If not handled in time, there might be a serious sewage backup problem.
  • Misbehaving Plumbing Fixtures: when plumbing fixtures that are not seemingly connected begin to affect each other, then you should have your plumbing checked out. If for instance there is a backup in your kitchen sink whenever you use the washing machine, then there is likely an impending sewage backup.

There are several reasons that might cause a sewage backup such as intruding tree roots, breaks in the drain pipes, and the passage of time in general. If there are heavy storms in your area or extreme temperatures, then you might have to check your plumbing system more regularly than others.

If you however notice any of the above signs listed, it is best you call on your plumber to come to have a look at your plumbing. You might have a go at it yourself, but if you can’t find the problem, or you feel the problem is beyond what you can handle, then call the plumber. Save yourself greater discomfort and expenses that a sewage backup is sure to cause later in the future.

Edward Powell