5 Simple Ways To Make Your Interior Design Stand Out

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Interior Design Stand Out

Interior design is a challenge that many people struggle with when moving in or looking to make a change to the home that they live in. This is because many of us believe that you have to spend a small fortune on paint, furniture and paintings for it to stand out and look the way you wish it to be. However, this is not the case. With a careful plan in place, you can make your home stand out, without breaking the bank. To help you get started we have compiled a list of 5 simple ways you can make your interior design stand out. 

Make The Most Of Wall Space 

Wall Space is often underutilised within a home, but when you have limited wall space this can help you out greatly. Not only can wall shelves help to make a room with a small ceiling look much larger, but it can also have a huge impact on the amount of floor space that you can cleanout. By using as much wall space as possible for storage you can help to make your interior design efforts to stand out, regardless of the wall.  

Use Artwork To Bring In Colour

Another amazing way to make your interior design stand out is using artwork to your advantage. By keeping the wall paint as neutral as possible, you can then bring colour into the room through the use of extra-large canvas prints and other artwork in your home. These new pieces of artwork can not only help to transform a room, but they add a pop of colour whilst removing the negative space. This is hugely positive for any size of the home and can benefit your interior design steps as a result. 

Colour Theme Is Everything 

Colour theme is another crucial part of interior design and although it can be added through artwork, it can also be added through furnishings. Whether this is a blanket for the spare bedroom or a rug for the living room, this is the ideal way to add a pop of colour without repainting or spending too much money in the long term. In addition to this, adding colour can also be changed by swapping out the pillows and the artwork that is on the walls, this is why it is ideal to opt for additional extras rather than the wall colour. 

Consider The Lighting 

In addition to the colour theme, you must consider the lighting that you have in your room. This is because several surfaces are not suited for spotlights and harsh lightings and may not look the way that you want them to. In addition to artificial light, it is crucial that you consider the amount of natural light in the room. This is because it can greatly affect the colour theme in your room as harsh colours can make the room feel darker and significantly smaller as a result.

Hardwood Over Carpet 

If you are someone who suffers from a lack of natural light, it may be worth making the most of light wooden floor. Not only will this help to reflect the light and make the room look larger, but it can help to elongate the room. Whether it is a living room or a spare bedroom, this is one of the most popular ways of making a room look larger and standing out as a whole. In addition to this, wooden flo0oring can also help to keep them cool in the summer weather which is ideal for those with pets and young children. 

Add Soft Furnishings 

If you opt for wooden floor such as this, it is important to note that soft furnishing such as a rug or a runner in the hall can help to save money on the heating bills in the winter months. Just choose your chosen col0our theme and you are good to go. This allows you to keep your home warm when on a budget whilst still providing the perfect modern look for any room in the home. With this, you can also decide to keep them down if you wish to, to make the home more homely.

Whether you have been living in your home for a while or you are just moving in and making interior design changes, we are sure that your interior design will stand out better than ever before. Whether you are looking to just do the bottom part of the house, or you are looking to design a designated area for your kids to play, there are several ways that you can go about making a coherent theme throughout your home without compromising on the welcoming theme that you want for your home. Which of these will you be implementing in your home? 

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