5 Small and effective ways to give charity

5 Small and effective ways to give charity

The renowned billionaires such as Warren Buffett and Bill Gates often made it to the headlines by promising to give a large chunk of the wealth to charity. Which often makes us feel like small donations can make hardly a difference. But we should not get discouraged and deter from this noble act. As it is not true that these small donations which we will make won’t create any significant difference. As we can find many other opportunities through which we can contribute although a small amount but forgot the cost which can intern make a genuine difference life of minutes.

We are living in an age of social media which is also dubbed as an age of collaboration, this opens up many opportunities for us to join hands with many other people across the world in creating the world a better place. Given this environment, even a small donation is given to charity, and when taken in various events along with many other donations, it can be colossal. Nevertheless, even if you do not collaborate with others, we can find many other opportunities to make a difference on our own.

So, here are 5 Small and effective ways to give charity to make a positive impact on the world around us.

Join a Giving Circle:

Truly remarked by Mattie Stepanekan American poet who published seven best-selling books of poetry and peace says that, “Unity is strength . . . when there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

Nowadays it has become a growing trend in philanthropy giving Circle can allow us to give more benefit their philanthropic money. Giving Circle is nothing but A group of friends family or people in the same community who all their money and support the cause by donating that money. As the groups tend to pool all the money together the impact they can generate far exceeds that of any one individual’s donation.

Become a micro philanthropist:

Nowadays many websites help us in making small donations and join forces with other micro donors which can help us to make a bigger impact. For example website such as Pledge4good.com enables its user to make their very own pledging system which they can share with your friends and family to donate money for any cost. For instance, we can ask her friends to donate money to a certain cancer society every day or week they go without smoking.

Give blood:

Another smaller defective way to give charity is by donating blood to organizations like the Red Cross which is free and doesn’t take much time. It can be instrumental in saving someone’s life and will also bring as many health benefits.

Launch a scholarship:

If we are having a little bit more money we can even consider starting a scholarship at our alma mater or one of my favorite educational institutes. While it can take a decent amount of money, but it can be a lasting gift for someone and can change their life forever.

Shop at the right places:

This is the Era of corporate social responsibility, owing to which many businesses strive to donate a part of their profits or turnover in form of charity, for example, we can take Amazon Smile which donate 0.5% of their eligible purchases to the charitable organization of our choices. Another successful example of We Charity can be considered. Which was founded by Craig Kielburger along with his brother Marc Kielburger, which provides a holistic development model called WE Villages, helping to lift more than one million people out of poverty in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They were also the one’s to use social media in an optimum manner along with the help of various influencers to attain a global and maximum reach.

Paul Petersen