5 tips for alcohol delivery

5 tips for alcohol delivery

Alcohol delivery isn’t like delivering cookies or other household items. Anyone going into alcohol delivery needs to understand a couple of things before kick-starting the business. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses had relatively loose laws and regulations to operate within specific jurisdictions, however, with the pandemic and the plenty of restrictions imposed by governmental bodies to reduce the spread, regulations have been tightened. Some countries even went as far as placing a ban on alcoholic beverages.

However, the pandemic has brought with it certain juicy opportunities for alcohol distribution companies, and if you follow our tips, you’d surely turn in higher profits.

1. Learn the laws

Alcohol is guided by numerous laws, one of which is a restriction to delivering alcohol to underaged people. The drinking age for some states is 18 and for others, 21. These laws and regulations can be tricky because States have different laws, and not learning the particular law of a state might cause you trouble.

2. Brand your deliveries

In today’s world of business, branding is everything. With your brand name on every delivery, you’re more likely to get more customers. Invest in custom packaging. It could be a small branded bag or a big branded pack. The pandemic has restricted face to face purchase, and this has had a negative effect on the publicity of many businesses.

3. Offer free delivery

Nothing is more enticing than free things, trust us. People will leap at anything if it means them not spending a dime. Alcohol delivery is no difference, especially if it’s free after hours alcohol delivery. With the pandemic causing a lot of restrictions, consumers can only get their items through online or phone purchase, which will then be delivered to their desired locations.

4. Deliver to virtual parties

Find ongoing virtual parties in your jurisdiction. The pandemic has restricted physical gatherings, thus forcing those who still want to throw parties to do it over the internet. But that shouldn’t stop vendors from selling their products, which includes alcohol. In short, delivering to virtual parties is a good way of marketing your brand as it has the potential of being seen by thousands on the internet.

5. Leverage social media

Social media is where most people live most of their lives today. The pandemic made this possible as it restricted movement, with schools closing and offices shutting down physical operations. Advertising your delivery packages on social media is sure to help your gain momentum.

Edward Powell