5 Tips for Applying for Student Visa Application in the US

5 Tips for Applying for Student Visa Application in the US

A student visa is required if you want to study in the United States. The course and school type will determine if you need an F visa or an M visa.

F Visa:
If you are going to study in a university or college, high school, private elementary school, conservatory, seminary, academic institution, or a language training program, this is the visa that you need.

M Visa:
For vocational and other non-academic institution that is not a language exchange program, you will need the M Visa.

Steps to Apply:

The steps to applying for a visa is not complicated. But you have to read and make sure you are following instructions.

Online Application:
The Form DS-160 must be filled out online and printed out to be brought to the interview. You will also be required to upload a photo with the form. The paper size and photo size must be noted before submission. Make sure that you have the right size as well as other photo requirements that can be found on the website.

Interview Schedule:
Schedule an appointment for your visa interview at the US Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live.  The waiting time for your schedule will depend on location, visa category, and the season.

For new students, the visas can be issued 120 days before the start of school. Note, however, that you cannot enter the US if your visa has 30 days before the school starts.

If you are a continuing student, a visa can be issued any time as long as you are enrolled.

Before the interview, you have to pay the visa application fee. This is non-refundable.

The following documents must be prepare before you go to your interview:
1. Valid passport.
2. Filled up application confirmation page
3. Proof of visa payment
4. Photo
5. Certificate of Eligibility for Nonimmigrant

Additional documents may be asked such as your diploma, transcripts, and other evidence of schooling. You will also be asked to show evidence on how you pay and support your studies.

Attend the Interview:
You will be interviewed and assessed if you qualify for a student visa. After the interview, you will be notified if your application is going to the next step.

Going to the US:
Once you arrive in the US, you will have to show your documents before you are allowed entry. Having a visa does not mean you are allowed entry all the time. An official will still have to double-check before you can enter.

The student visa application must be done with the utmost attention. The documents must be correct. That is why having a professional to assist you in processing as well as orienting you as you apply for a student visa in the USA is important.

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Edward Powell