5 Tips When Renting A Staycation Apartment In Singapore With Friends

Going out with friends is necessary to keep the bond intact. There are many ways to stay in touch with your friends. You may go on a weekly coffee run, monthly slumber parties, or rent a service apartment staycation in Singapore. Staycations are getting pretty trendy for millennials nowadays. When going on a staycation with your friends, here is a list of etiquette to follow.

1. The organiser gets the first dibs in rooms.

It is advisable to book an apartment with a 2 bedroom suite in Singapore. This way, all your friends can have enough space, especially if you’re in a group of five to six. If you’re not the organiser, keep in mind that the organiser must get the first dibs in selecting their room. They must pick a room first, especially if they paid for the apartment.

2. Contribute to the circle.

It is one of the proper etiquettes you must practice. You may consider contributing transportation fees, food and beverages, or booze. It depends, but keep in mind that you must also have a contribution that will benefit your friends.

3. Never occupy a room for yourself.

The primary reason your circle booked a staycation apartment in Singapore is to connect. What other better way to bond with them than sleeping together, right?

4. Don’t be late.

Showing up late isn’t a good idea. One, it shows your unpunctuality, and two, you’ll definitely run out of options for the room choices.

5. Have fun!

It’s as simple as that. Enjoy the short trip with your friends in the staycation apartment in Singapore you all rented.

There are two benefits of renting a short term apartment rental for staycations. One is its affordability. You won’t have to pay much as you’ll only be staying for a couple of days. Two, it provides privacy and exclusivity. Only you and your friends are inside the apartment, and you all can do anything you want without limitations and restrictions.

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David Lockhart