5 Ways Concrete Can Embellish Your Indoor Decor

5 Ways Concrete Can Embellish Your Indoor Decor

When we think about adding concrete to our home, we think about putting in a new patio, an outdoor fire pit or grill, or laying a new garage floor, however, now is the time to consider bringing the concrete inside the house. Before you think that concrete has no place inside your home, it does not have to be a big change, but small additions such as pots for plants or decorated trays. For those looking to make some big changes, considered polished flooring and decorative walls. Let’s take a closer look at how you can add this trend to your home.

Concrete Flooring

Consider a concrete floor for your living room or kitchen. It is not going to look anything like your garage floor. Indoor floors are not only durable and sturdy, but they can also be etched, polished, and even colored to match most decors. A company such as Concrete Colors Texas are experts at finding the right color for your home. Concrete floors are easy to take care of, and can be just the right touch you have been looking for.


Floors are not the only place where concrete can be used. Concrete walls can be a nice accent to any room. They can be colored just like floors and can look as chic or as rustic as you desire. Places such as Concrete Colors Texas will know how to take a plain concrete wall and make it a welcome addition to your decor.


Not ready to commit a large area to concrete but are looking for a conversation starter? Consider adding a piece of concrete furniture. A sturdy coffee table in the living room will certainly get people talking. Even a chair that was colored to match the decor would make a fun addition. A bookcase for the den or a side table for the dining room are all great examples for adding a touch on of concrete to the home decor.

Little touches

There are ways to bring in concrete without it overwhelming a room. Think about those little decorative touches that help to make a house a home. Pots for plants are a creative way to add that special little concrete touch. Consider decorative bowls for the coffee table or the end tables. Decorative trays are not only decorative but are sturdy and perfect to use when entertaining. The special little touches do not need to be large either. They can be a simple statue of an animal that sits on the mantel or a decorative sign in the powder room.

Let there be light

Lighting can easily make or break a room. Yes, concrete can be used in lighting. Whether you use pendent lighting to accent the dining room or over the bar, concrete lighting can be that modern touch you were looking for or can complete that rustic kitchen look. Looking for something a little more unique? Consider a concrete chandelier for the entryway or over the large dining room table.

Even though concrete is a very heavy and sturdy material, when it comes to bringing it inside, it is very versatile. Whether you create an accent wall or go with a concrete kitchen floor, you will not be disappointed. Add a few decorative pieces or that large conversation starter piece, to create a unique decorative style. There are many different ways in which concrete can be added to your inside decor.

Edward Powell