5 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Your Employees

5 Ways to Build Positive Relationships with Your Employees

Building a positive relationship with the employees is as important as other parameters for the success of the organization. We tend to work towards exploring the latest market trend, technology, and new ideas and innovation but forget about building a good relationship within the organization.

Handsome packages are not the only thing employee looks for rather than the emphasis is on the healthy work environment as well. Employer hunts the right talent and the employee looks for job satisfaction. Creating positive vibrations at the workplace is necessary for job satisfaction but to enhance productivity as well. Do not forget that “a disturbed mind is not as productive as a happy mind”.

Open-communication Policy:

Allow everyone to speak up their mind, even the negative feedback by your employees can be fruitful, listen to their grievances, and try to solve their problems. Try to inculcate the changes employees want. Give them some space to work and learn.

Make the environment such that they feel free to approach you. Welcome their ideas encourage face-to-face conversation rather than just E-mails.

Maintain friendly terms:

Gone are those days, when people used to follow the conventional method of being “bossy”, now organizations are working on a more friendly approach towards the employees to retain their employees.

Even if, they share their personal problems, do not disclose it to others. Be friendly with them but do not make them friends or share your personal life.

Give Respect:

Everyone wants to be respected. Give them value; do not humiliate them for making a mistake. Do not be biased on the basis of gender, color, creed, or region. Employees are the most valuable resource of the organization, apart from being meeting the deadline; they play an important role in bringing fresh ideas and innovation, so always value your employees.

A good leader like Executive Vice-President of National Bank, Sean St. John and others will always share whatever he has with his followers so that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Sean St. John has spent 25 years of his professional career working in the banking and financial industry.


People are satisfied with that organization that doesn’t have a transparent policy culture. Build trust with the employees and disclose positive, negative, or neutral news.

A healthy relationship is maintained when you are more honest with the employees and state all the facts clearly.

Appreciation and Feedback:

Assessment and the feedback is the necessary action for the growth of the business as well as the employees. Appreciate their good work but also give them feedback about their weak areas, but in an empathic way. Feedback work as a tool to give them a chance to improve their performance.

To make your employees motivated, give them the word of appreciation, sometimes work can be exhaustive but a genuine “Thank You” can uplift their mood.

Edward Powell