6 Easy Ways to Change The File Format of Your Downloads

6 Easy Ways to Change The File Format of Your Downloads

Downloading things from the internet can be fun until you get an unsupported file format. Then, it becomes stressful and somewhat annoying. If you don’t know what steps to take, converting your files to a compatible format can take much time. There are several ways to solve this problem when it arises, as you will learn in this piece.

How to Change The Format of Your Files

Invalid format errors are no longer an issue. You can still access your files by changing the format to one suitable for your device. Here are six methods you can use to change your file’s format easily:

Change the Name of the File Extensions

Every file is saved with a specific extension. If you check the files on your system, you see extensions like .docx, .jpg, .pdf, etc. Sometimes, you can rename the file to convert it. All you need to do is change the .filetype extension to your preferred format. Although it works for some files, it is not foolproof and may sometimes make you unable to use the file till you change back to the original format.

Use an Online File Converter

Online file converters are innovative tools that allow you to change the format of your files. You can convert from audio to video, from one video format to another, and even PDF files to .doc format. These converters have accessible websites that are easy to use. All you need to do is upload your files, choose the format you want to convert to and download the converted file when it is ready. Getting a file converter is as easy as browsing keywords like Best online file converter tool, file conversion online, etc.

Use Applications For Conversion

You can use mobile apps to change the format of your files. On your desktop, you can change the format of your documents by selecting print and choosing the print to pdf option available. There are several applications for both mobile phones and desktops that you can use to convert files to another format.

Change The File Format While Exporting

Some photo editing apps allow you to change your file format when exporting. Document editing apps also come with a similar feature. They allow you to export the document in your desired file format.  You can save the same document in different forms and access it on different devices. Select the “save as” or “export’ option on the application. Or go to the file icon to find the feature.

Built-in Tools on Your OS

Windows and Macbook computers have some system applications to convert a file to another format. Some features like Paint and Preview can also edit the file before switching to your desired format.

Use File Specific Conversion Software

There are specialized apps for converting specific files to new formats. If you’ve tried everything and cannot reverse the file, check the web for a converter that can convert from the format you have to the one you want.


While ensuring that you get a usable format for your files, always make sure that you don’t visit unsafe sites that may put malware on your device. Also, for reliable online file converters and software, remember to store the original file just in case you need it later.

Clare Louise