6 Ideas for a Lucrative Side-Hustle

6 Ideas for a Lucrative Side-Hustle

Side-hustles have become almost a norm these days. Some say that it is a sad state of our economy that forces people to take on side gigs as an additional source of income. Others claim that the rise of the Internet has simply made it possible for people to earn some extra cash. Either way, it doesn’t seem that side-hustles will disappear anytime soon. Whatever you think about the reason for their existence, it would be foolish not to take an opportunity and earn a few dollars if you can.


This is perhaps the side-hustle which is most widely available. Of course, those living in big urban centers and especially those with plenty of touristic attractions will stand to make more. Even though, regardless of where you live, you can still make a handsome income by driving for Uber or Lyft. The main prerequisite is, of course, a vehicle. Keep in mind that both these apps function via users’ reviews, so you might want to take some time and prepare your car for your customers. That the car should be clean goes without saying. Some drivers even go as far as to provide free snacks and drinks for their patrons. Each of these should help you get some favorable ratings, which are very important at the beginning of your driving career.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has been praised as one of the best ways to achieve lucrative amounts of passive income. It is an attractive notion, but to get there, you will need to undertake a series of steps that are anything but passive. Taking a page from the book of any successful casino affiliate would require putting in work and time. A lot of people abandon the whole idea once they realize that just how much of it is needed to succeed in this field. This can be good news for you since it clears the field for people who are ready to dedicate effort to establishing a prosperous affiliate marketing program.

Renting Space

If you have some extra space you don’t use, like a spare bedroom, you can rent it out via Airbnb. People who live near popular beaches or big cities have been raking a lot of money over the years. That’s not to say that those who are living in smaller and less popular destinations can’t make a few bucks as well. Modern tourists aren’t picky about where they go and are more oriented towards experiences, they have than the scenery. Depending on the state of the space you plan on using, it may take some investment to bring up to standard. The good news is that, once that is done, there is very little you need to do, apart from keeping the space clean and doing some occasional maintenance.

Delivering Food

If you have a car, but don’t feel comfortable driving other people around, perhaps you can do food deliveries. There are plenty of smaller restaurants that can’t afford a delivery service of their own. Several apps have been developed that connect them with drivers willing to deliver their food, for a fee. UberEats and DoorDash are among the most popular ones. The downside is the limited timespan you can do it. Not many restaurants are open at 3 AM. This can interfere with your day job, since there may be some time overlap. Still, if you can manage it several times a week, there is some money to be made from food deliveries.


You can find students to tutor in almost any area, but it would seem that English is the most popular choice. There are so many children learning it worldwide that finding some students shouldn’t be too difficult. If you don’t want to find them yourself, you can always join one of the platforms that offer English lessons online. For most of them, you don’t have to have a teaching degree, any bachelor’s degree will do. Thanks to time zones, this can be a [perfect job for someone looking to do something during the nights.


Freelancing is probably the most popular side-hustle in the world. The possibilities are practically endless and many people have managed to turn freelancing from a side gig to full-time employment. Some choose their day job as their freelancing subject. Others choose to try something new. Often, it is something they are passionate about but never had a chance to pursue a career in it. The choice is entirely up to you. The easiest way to start would be through freelancing sites dedicated to connecting freelancers and clients.

These jobs are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more to choose from. We decided to focus on the most popular ones and ones that don’t require extensive training. Hopefully, one or more of our suggestions will help you find a side-hustle that suits you.

Clare Louise