6 Reasons to Take Up Remote Learning as a Senior

6 Reasons to Take Up Remote Learning as a Senior

secure remote access learning has become extremely popular in the 21st century. Remote learning is a method of online studying, lectures, and classes that are conducted on the internet. Students will not need to attend the school or college physically and can access everything from their personal computers. Senior citizens are becoming more tech-savvy and can genuinely benefit from remote learning. There are many reasons to take up remote learning as a senior, so lets discuss the top six.

Broader Selection

One of the biggest advantages of remote learning would be the numerous amounts of programs that are offered and available online. When participating in online classes, you can receive a bachelor’s degree in marketing, computer science, and so much more! The remote learning spectrum does not have to just be an online degree. You can get your teachers certification, learn how to crochet, or even learn about Medicare, all from the comfort of your home.

With remote learning having a broader selection of courses, it will give you the advantage of learning more skills and not being limited to what is only offered in a school setting. Remote learning also does not limit you to only teachers in your area. You can take a creative writing course and your teacher can be from across the world! With that said, you would have the advantage of not being limited to American professors and would give you access to learn from across the globe.

On Your Own Time

One of the many perks of remote learning is setting your own learning pace. If you work full-time or are a parent, remote learning would be more beneficial to you and will work around your schedule. Remote learning will allow you to attend a class or lecture virtually from anywhere.

When learning remotely, you will get to make the decision when and where you want to study. You will have the flexibility to pursue a course while fulfilling other academic commitments, setting your own examination schedule, and setting your own deadlines.

Avoid Crowds

When attending a college, you will find yourself having to drive to class, bob and weave walking through campus and then fight the crowd to try to find a seat in a 500-person classroom. When you take a class online, you have the benefit of avoiding crowds. With that said, this is very beneficial to senior citizens to reduce the chance of getting sick. When you are jammed packed in a classroom, the most vulnerable will be at a higher risk of catching any virus or sickness. On top of that, whenever you get sick you would have to miss class! 

Save Money

When enrolling in an online course, you might notice that the price is slightly different than if you were enrolling in an in-person lecture. Virtual lectures can be cheaper while you are still receiving the same quality of education. Whenever you are learning remotely, you will not lose any time from work and will not have to pay transportation fees, such as taking the bus or buying gas for your car.

Finding a virtual program to fit your learning needs and your budget will not be hard to find! If you do some online research over courses that are offered remotely, you might find that some classes even offer free trials, or the whole course could be free of charge.

Help the Environment

Remotely learning will not only benefit you, but it will benefit the environment! When you watch an online lecture, submit assignments online, and even speak with your professor online, it can help reduce the CO2 emissions annually. It is understood that when you are learning from home that you will still be using energy, but it is nothing compared to all of the energy that is used to power large, external facilities.

Did you know that if students used e-books instead of paper textbooks that we could potentially save 28,000 trees per million books? From textbooks to paper handouts, colleges and institutions require lots of paper, which means tons of cut down trees. When you are learning and studying remotely, you will primarily receive all the needed information electronically. Also, take note that on a college campus, the more buildings that need to be built means that that is more land that they need to obtain to build said buildings. Most people do not fully understand the significant benefits our environment receives when people are learning from inside their own home.


With online education rising and becoming very popular, the quality of education that you will receive will be nothing but superb. Students are being taught by some of the top professors in the field, while also receiving an education that could be impossible for some. Also, you will see that most professors who teach the 500-person lectures also teach online. Being taught online can be more personal and more beneficial. You can ask the kind of questions you need to ask, while in a large lecture you might not get the chance to do so.

There are many reasons to take up remote learning as a senior. Creating your own learning path, in a safe, accessible environment will help create a whole world of possibilities for you. 

Bonnie Baldwin