6 Ways to Promote Your Art

6 Ways to Promote Your Art

Making the art is one thing and getting the art out there is another. This is where art marketing comes in. Some approaches you may employ to market the arts are websites and social media platforms.

Here re are a few tricks to help you promote yourself as an artist. 

  • Make an epic online portfolio
  • Select the best content
  • Kill it on the artist statement and about me page
  • Start blogging
  • Enter art competitions
  • Organize your own art shows

Make an Epic Online Portfolio

This helps when you are applying for a project or submitting your work for art competitions and, most importantly, where you can direct people to see some of the work you have done. 

Select the Best Content

Often, an artist wants to display all his creations, but you must be picky about what to include in an online portfolio. Only choose the pieces of work that display your best work. 

Kill It on The Artist Statement and About Me Page

This is a great tool in art marketing. An artist statement describes the type of art you do and what it means. It is needed in art competitions and by any media writing about your work. Fill the ‘about me section’ with engaging content because potential clients always want to know the artists behind the work. 

Start Blogging

Blogging is very effective in art marketing. Adding unique content to your site helps it improve its ranking in search engines. The main objective will be to show your wealth of knowledge pertaining to art, which will position you as an industry leader. 

Enter Art Competitions

Art contests are an excellent way to take your artistry to the next level. If you win, your art gets recognition, and the award you get helps you begin to build a name for yourself in the art industry. 

Organize Your Own Art Shows

This will help you learn the marketing ropes. Some tips to help you with this are:

  • Come up with a theme on what the show will be based on. 
  • Make it a group show and incorporate other artists. This will mean increased marketing for the show. 
  • Choose a venue that is not only open but accessible as well. Restaurants, music halls, and hotel lobbies will do. 


Art contests will no doubt give you exposure as an artist.  That, however, may not be enough. Use these guidelines for marketing your art and watch your reputation grow and new opportunities coming your way. 


David Lockhart