7 Meditation And Mindfulness Tips For People Who Are Grieving

7 Meditation And Mindfulness Tips For People Who Are Grieving

People have different ways of coping when they lose someone close to them. Whether a death was expected because of a lingering illness or if it came as a surprise brought about by accident, it’s normal for a grieving period to take place.

According to experts, grief is basically a process that people go through to overcome the trauma they experience after someone dies. There is no definite timeline on how long a grieving process can last, but there are meditation and mindfulness tips available to us to feel better during this time. Using simple tools like oils and memorial wind chimes can help, too.

Here are seven mediation and mindfulness tips for people who are grieving.

1. Use tools to help your mood

If you’re new to grief and feel lost, getting hold of a few items can help you while you navigate your way through the process. Small items like memorial wind chimes, prayer beads, or essential oils are beneficial. They can set the tone for a peaceful meditation sequence and help beginners settle in and get in the flow.

2. It’s okay to feel sad

Grief can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster. Instead of bottling up your feelings, let them out. It’s okay to cry or shout if you feel like it.

3. Talk to someone

Death is not a rare occasion, although it can feel that way when you’re grieving. Talk to a mental health professional if you feel you need to be guided by an expert to process complicated feelings. Or reach out to friends and family and tell them how you feel. Discovering that others share in your grief may help you cope and help you process your feelings mindfully.

4. Have an outlet

People need to find a channel to express their grief. Activities like meditation, exercise, and yoga involve both physical and mental challenges that can help with the process. Guided activities are great if you don’t know where and how to start. There are plenty of videos online focused on dealing with grief. You can also pair this activity with the tools we mentioned above. For example, hang memorial wind chimes near the spot where you do yoga for a calm and peaceful setting.

5. Have a routine

It’s possible to feel lost when you’re grieving. Consider having a meditation routine, so you don’t forget to do it. Set a schedule or use tools to carve out some time for meditation. Establishing a daily routine can also remind you of the world outside grief, and give you a goal that you can work for.

6. Take a break

Grief can also take a physical toll on people. Try to get plenty of rest and use tools to make your bedroom as sleep conducive as possible. Use blackout curtains or let the sound of memorial wind chimes lull you to sleep.

7. Honor their memory

Part of being mindful of the fleetingness of life is celebrating those who have passed. You can get memorial wind chimes as a memento of dead loved ones, or keep their memory alive by sharing their story with others.

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Edward Powell