7 Ways To Style Your Cutting Boards Or Use Them As Kitchen Décor

7 Ways To Style Your Cutting Boards Or Use Them As Kitchen Décor

Over time, people have become more and more creative that they have started using kitchen tools as decor. Some of those tools are personalized cutting boards. Not only is this very useful in the kitchen when you’re cutting and chopping off your ingredients, but people have also actually regarded this as part of the overall aesthetic of the whole food preparation process.

Without further ado, here are seven ways you can style your cutting boards and turn them into personalized cutting boards, perfect as kitchen decor.

Using it as a plate charger

Wooden cutting boards are aesthetically pleasing, so they should not be tucked away in your kitchen cabinets. Instead, it would be best if you found every possible way to display them, one of which is using them as a plate charger.

Using it as hang boards on your kitchen island

Another great thing about having personalized cutting boards is that you can use them all year round. If you’ve run out of ideas on how to use them as decor, then simply display them, hang them on a kitchen island.

Using it as a serving tray

The kitchen island is the perfect place to put your kitchen decor. This also goes the same for cutting boards. If you do not want to hang them, you can use them as a serving tray and place other kitchen items to give off a cohesive feel.

Using it as a simple over-the-counter decor

Stemming from the previous point, using your cutting boards as decor shouldn’t take much of your time and energy because you’re just putting things together that are already meant to be grouped. Invest in a quality personalized board with your name on it or your family name to make it more lovely.

Using it as a kitchen vignette

Most people like things that are versatile. If you group certain kitchen items together, you’ll find yourself with a more interesting kitchen countertop. Consider adding a wooden board with other wooden items, such as a rolling pin and spatula, with a few greeneries here and there, and you’re good to go.

Using it as a cheeseboard

Here’s something that’s currently trending right now, using your cutting board as a cheeseboard. You can place different types of bread, cheese, and other appetizers on your board. This is also perfect for when you have guests over.

Displaying it alongside your other kitchen tools

We couldn’t stress this enough. You don’t need much to use your cutting board as a kitchen display because it’s already part of the overall aesthetic. You simply need to know which items go well with which.

Make sure that it’s also something you typically do in the kitchen. You can find personalized cutting boards that can be used as a grocery list, breadboard shelf, or even a chalkboard! The list is endless, and you can get creative about it as well. There are no right or wrong answers.

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Bonnie Baldwin