8 Personalized Gifts You Can Give During Different Occasions

8 Personalized Gifts You Can Give During Different Occasions

Personalized gifts are great for almost any occasion. The customizations make the gifts more unique and heartfelt. Here are fast favorites among RememberMe clients:

Love Plaque

This is the perfect gift for anniversaries or weddings. If you are celebrating your parents’ anniversary, you can order the love plaque in their favorite color. White is very popular, however. The couple’s best picture can be placed on the letter O.

Bless This House Windchime

There is also a huge selection of wind chimes to choose from. These make great personalized gifts for housewarming, or even as sympathy gifts if the bereaved family finds wind chimes calming. When choosing wind chimes, take note of the size. If you want deeper tones, it is better to purchase bigger chimes with bigger tubes. Usually, the personalized engraving is done at the wind catcher. This is a great gift for people who have porches or gardens.

7 Day Weekends Travel Mug

We simply love the 7 Day Weekends Travel Mugs as personalized gifts for retirees. It’s a great gift with a sense of humor. Welcome someone who has been working very hard for years into the arms of relaxation. It’s a celebratory gift signaling the “reward” phase of someone’s life. The travel mug is also great because it can be taken anywhere. This signifies your wish for the recipient to travel more, and to enjoy different places of the world more now that there is more time.

When they were Little

This keepsake box is perfect for new mothers, a Mother’s Day gift, or even a post-birth gift. You can have the name of the recipient engraved or printed on the cover. The wood quality is high so it’s perfect for keeping mementos through the years.


Are you going to give personalized gifts to someone who loves working in the kitchen? For their birthdays or even Christmas, the personalized apron collection in Remember Me is a good selection. You can request additional emblems and colors. These aprons are breathy and lightweight without compromising the fabric strength. The stitching is superior so it should withstand frequent washing.

Personalized Over Locket Bracelet

One of the most classic personalized gifts in Remember Me is its oval locket bracelet. You can give this to your loved one for a lot of occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, and even their baptism or First Holy Communion. It’s a gift that grows with you. You can insert a photo in the locket to commemorate the celebration.

Oval Locket Necklace

If you are giving personalized gifts to your mother or grandmother, you might want to go with the necklace version of this locket. It’s certainly a classic piece. Include your picture with the recipient during a special time in your life. You can give this for their birthdays or holidays.

First Christmas Ornament

Do you have a friend who got married close to Christmas? A simple, affordable but meaningful gift could be the first Christmas hanging ornament for Christmas trees. This is compact, easy to wrap, and offers a wide variety of customizations.

Bonnie Baldwin