8 Toys that Help Young Children Learn and Grow

8 Toys that Help Young Children Learn and Grow

When babies experience the world, they undergo a process of discovery and learning that we cannot even begin to imagine, although we have all lived through it.

Young children have to observe and imitate actions for some time before being able to complete any of these actions.

Toys help these young kids to gain a better and quicker grasp of skills and knowledge that will help them to learn and grow. They also equip them with the basics that will help them become successful intellectually and emotionally, too.

Here are some toys that will effectively help your kids to learn and grow. They will be classified based on the area in which they focus on improving.

Motor Skills

When you think about babies, you often think about them not having much coordination and struggling to hold their weight.

However, we all have muscles that we use daily and barely even think about. Young children need to develop these muscles, as well. This can be done through repetitive tasks. With improved motor skills, children can move around smoother and faster.

Kids need to interact with the world around them. Therefore, toys that allow them this opportunity are great to have. Simple toys such as the Pikler Climbing Triangle from My Happy Helpers and hula hoops can help to build gross motor skills.

Fine motor skills can be developed when kids handle smaller items or ones that need more exceptional care.

When your child has motor skills developed, they will be able to hold on to things for more extended periods and handle items that may be heavier than the first toys you started with.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development is essential for babies and younger children. This is because cognitive skills are what help us understand and then navigate the world.

The brain uses these skills to think, remember, learn, react, and pay attention. To make it simple, cognitive skills are what make kids smart.

With toys like building blocks, kids learn about the physical world through handling and balancing the individual components to create a new structure.

If you give kids things like costumes and roleplay aids such as puppets or dolls, this helps them to get a better understanding of how the world works and then, from there, create their own rules and stories.

These toys tend to foster creativity in kids, along with the intended cognitive skills. This is because learning involves a lot of quick and perhaps lateral thinking.

Sensory Skills

Much of the enjoyment of life comes from how we perceive and move through the world and our surroundings. With more considerable sensory skills, kids pay better attention and gain curiosity.

They are more sensitive towards the myriad stimuli around them and react to them. Getting kids out and about, experiencing the environment round about them is a natural way to develop sensory skills.

For young children, mobiles and musical toys are great as these catch their attention and give the kids something to focus on. The NogginStik by SmartNoggin is one such toy.

Hand-Eye Coordination

You might be used to hearing hand-eye coordination in the context of sports. However, we need this skill in daily life too. It helps us to manoeuvre safely around the world and navigate the things around us.

To help your kids develop this, toys like a shape-sorting box helps. They also teach kids fine motor skills as well as problem-solving.

Puzzles are another great toy for hand-eye coordination. Nowadays, puzzles come in many different types too, so you can keep your kids entertained for hours and hours.

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