9 Ideas To Remember A Dearly Departed On Their Death Anniversary

9 Ideas To Remember A Dearly Departed On Their Death Anniversary

Death anniversaries can be such a bittersweet occasion. Nonetheless, its significance remains incontestable: It’s a day to remember the life and legacy of a departed loved one. From lighting memorial candles to cooking a hearty meal, here are nine ways how you can commemorate this event.

Take a trip. During death anniversaries, the burial site of your loved one is not the only place you can visit. If there’s a special place that’s close to the departed’s heart or if there’s a dream destination they weren’t able to reach, that day is the perfect day to go to such a place.

Light a candle. Generally speaking, light — especially if it’s coming from memorial candles — is symbolic of life itself. This is why until this day, several cultures continue the tradition of lighting candles not just during funeral services but in other instances as well (e.g. All Souls Day and death anniversary).

Write a letter. Sometimes, you may find it hard to express what you feel verbally. In times like this, a pen and a paper are your best friend. Turn to that good old practice of letter-writing to say a message to your departed loved one, to your fellow bereaved, and even to yourself.

Invite your circle for a memorial. Holding a death anniversary memorial at your home is one of the most common ways of honoring a deceased loved one. Simply congregating with family and friends and recounting wonderful memories is already enough to make the occasion as meaningful as it can be.

Cook a hearty meal. Apart from lighting memorial candles with your family and friends, you can also take the opportunity to cook and enjoy the favorite meal of the deceased. Food, as what has long been proven, is one of the biggest fuels that spark profound connections among people.

Get out of your comfort zone. Did the deceased enjoy outdooor adventures like bungee-jumping or parasailing? If so, now’s also the time to try those activities yourself. Stepping out of your comfort zone is beneficial in easing the grief that you may feel whenever your loved one’s death anniversary nears.

Upload a tribute post online. Especially in today’s era of lockdowns, it’s not surprising how many families and friends are unable to physically see each other. If you’re celebrating your loved one’s death anniversary apart, posting digital tributes and holding virtual memorial gatherings are some of the things that you can do to honor the departed.

Plant memorial trees. This is a purposeful activity that will be beneficial for many people. Apart from the beautiful metaphoric nature of trees, the trees, once they’ve grown, can also contribute to having fresher air in your chosen memorial site.

Do a charitable activity. Speaking of doing something with a purpose, supporting a charitable cause should also be part of your death anniversary to-do list. For instance, if your loved one dies because of heart failure, you can donate goods or cash to an organization that helps patients with heart diseases. This kind of activity will bring a deep sense of satisfaction that will surely leave you — and your loved one, wherever they may be — smiling.

Bonnie Baldwin