9 Secrets To Save Money On Business Trips

9 Secrets To Save Money On Business Trips

Companies that require their employees to travel frequently are always on the lookout for ways to cut back on travel expenses. The first thought is to look for less than impressive accommodations or more affordable ways to travel such as public transportation. However, it is not always in the best interest of everyone to book the cheapest flights and motels for your employees.

Here are some penny-pinching ideas worth trying to help you save money on these company-sponsored trips without sacrificing safety and comfort:

#1 – Review Current Travel Policies

There are many things that can slip through the traveling policies that can cost your business a lot of money when employees need to travel. Review the current policy and make necessary changes to ensure employees do not go over the budget in the future.

#2 – Consider A Pre-Approval Process

One efficient way to cut back on travel expenses is to have someone pre-approve all expenses before the trip. It is an additional step that will help your company save a lot of money in wasted expenditures.

#3 – Look For Corporate Housing

The St Louis Corporate Housing is a pioneering corporate housing company that allows companies to save a great deal in short and long-term accommodations. Search for accommodations similar to the St Louis Corporate Housing and check their rates against the cost of a hotel room.

#4 – Strictly Carry-On Baggage Only

Remind employees that their tickets do not include extra baggage fees, especially if they are going on a short trip. Only having a carry-on bag for the flight will lead to amazing savings for the business.

#5 – Avoid Peak Flight Hours

If it is possible for your employees to catch a later flight, encourage it. Booking flights outside of the peak travel hours can save you a few hundred dollars a year.

#6 – Set A Meal And Transportation Allowance

Do some research about the area your employees are traveling to and set a reasonable meal and transportation allowance. Let them have full control over their allowance because this usually reduces the chances of overspending.

#7 – Plan Early

Never leave business travel plans to the last minute. The earlier you plan for the trip, the less you are likely to go over budget.

#8 – Budget For Additional Charges

Call the corporate housing company or the hotel in advance to learn about Wi-Fi bundles and other additional charges ahead of time. This way the accounting department won’t get a shock when the bill arrives.

#9 – Offer Rewards

Employees that do their best to cut down on their travel expenses should be recognized with a small reward at the end of the year. Incentives such as gift certificates are a good way to encourage employees to save money while traveling for the company.

To successfully save money on corporate travel expenses, being firm and fair is the way. Be strict with the budget, but also treat your employees with respect by choosing accommodations and transportation that is both comfortable and reasonably priced.

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