9 Things You Should Have in Your Home Office

9 Things You Should Have in Your Home Office

Meta-Description: Want to be productive but also feel relaxed in your home office? Here are 9 things you should have.

Working from home has been a trend long before the ongoing COVID-10 pandemic has prompted companies to allow their employees to work remotely and flexibly. But even if you are in the comforts of your own home, working can still be tiring and may cause health problems when you don’t have a conducive workspace or when you don’t look after yourself.

Here are nine essentials for you to work productively from home. 

Good Lighting

Having proper lighting helps you see your workspace clearly, particularly your keyboard when it doesn’t light up, and when you need to reach for something on your desk, drawers, or your shelves.

Get desk lamps or lighting fixtures that aren’t too harsh or too dim. These may cause eye strain and headaches, which will halt your productivity when working from home. Ceiling or pendant lights or a desk lamp with LED bulbs are good alternatives if your home office isn’t close to a wide window.

A Comfortable Chair

Sitting in front of your desk is a big part of your work-from-home lifestyle so you should be comfortable in your office chair. Choose one that supports your back and keeps you from slouching. Swivel chairs with adjustable features are the go-to chairs for home offices.

Exercise Equipment

While it is important to be comfortable in your office chair, you also need to take breaks from sitting at least every 30 minutes. A journal by the Mayo Clinic said that sitting for too long can cause a number of health problems such as increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Set an alarm for you to stand up, walk around, and stretch to avoid body pains and boredom.

Keep dumbbells or a yoga mat in your home office and take advantage of your “sitting breaks” to work out, stretch, and release any tension in your muscles before getting back to work. Having a small workout area in your home is an ideal alternative for you to keep fit and active especially when you live in Grass Residences or other Quezon City neighborhoods that haven’t opened their fitness facilities yet.

Desk and Drawer Organizers

A cluttered desk can be a stressor for you and a hindrance to your productivity. It is also hard to look for pens, papers, and other office supplies when your work desk isn’t tidy and organized. Keep writing supplies in a holder within reach and return them after use. Office supplies can be kept in desk organizers so that they aren’t scattered around and occupying too much of your desk space. Place folders and papers on shelves or in your drawer so that they won’t get lost or crumpled while working.

Surge Protector

Because you will be working on your computer and with other electronic devices, you need a surge protector to keep your electronic devices from getting ruined. Surge protectors stop power system issues and regulate the flow of power, which means your circuits work and flow properly, especially when you are working on more than one electronic device.


Surge protectors also keep your devices from getting damaged from sudden power surges due to lightning storms or brownouts and blackouts. The last thing you want is to spend money on replacing damaged equipment in your home office.

Paper Shredder

If you print a lot of documents, having a paper shredder is helpful in properly destroying any confidential and sensitive information before disposing of them. You may also shred any scratch paper that cannot be used anymore to clear space on your organizers and drawers. Recycle the shredded paper as compost or for future papier-mache projects. 

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Virtual meetings have been the norm in keeping up with colleagues and presenting slideshows and reports nowadays. But like typical face-to-face meetings, having a quiet environment helps in keeping the presentations running smoothly. Invest in noise-canceling headphones to block out external noises so that you can hear your colleagues clearly.

Divider or Barrier

Designating a workspace in your home is ideal so that your work process and productivity won’t be derailed by distractions such as the television and your bed. But if you live in a smaller space such as a condo unit, or if you don’t have a separate room for your home office, use dividers to create an illusion of a separate space. This makes you feel like you are in your office and not at home.  

Venetian blinds are also budget-friendly and space-saving alternatives to office dividers. Hang them on your ceiling and keep them shut when you need total isolation from the rest of your home.

Snacks and Refreshments

Keep refreshments in your home office to stay hydrated and active throughout the day. Keep a pitcher or tumbler of water by your side so that you won’t forget to drink your eight glasses daily. You may also keep a coffee maker or a tea infuser nearby, so you can be recharged with the caffeine, or be relaxed with your favorite brew.

Snacks are also helpful in keeping your energy in check when working on many tasks. Don’t forget to throw wrappers and rubbish in the bin after eating to avoid clutter and ants from infesting your work desk.

Working from home can still be as conducive as working in the office when you have a tidy and organized space. Likewise, don’t forget to look after your health and wellness to avoid burnout. 

Edward Powell