A Comparison Between Wooden and Tile Flooring

A Comparison Between Wooden and Tile Flooring

Your choice of flooring will set the base on how your home will look like. Often people find it difficult to decide between wooden flooring and tile flooring and therefore, in this post we will try to highlight the pros and cons of both these options.

By reading them it will help you to make an informed decision and then look for suitable local flooring contractors to proceed further. 



  • Offers better aesthetics

Weeden floor looks very beautiful and offers a very nice aesthetic value to your home. 

  • Offers better resale value

Any prospective buyer will be ready to pay a little more price if a wooden floor is installed. 

  • Durable option

If you choose a block of solid wood for flooring then it will be quite durable.  

  • Warm to your feet

During winter climate your feet will not feel the floor too cold. 

  • Can be refinished

If the wooden floor is ever damaged due to scratch then it can be refinished.

  • Eco-friendly option

Since wood is a natural product and hence will be an eco-friendly option.

  • Slip-resistant

The chances of getting slipped are very less with this type of floor.


  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the wooden floor is comparatively a little difficult. 

  • Avoid if you have pets

If you have pets then they will scratch the floor and damage them.  

  • Costly 

Wooden floors are pretty expensive comparatively, which is the biggest drawback.

  • Not water resistant

Wooden floors are not a good option in the wet area as that can reduce life. 



  • Costs lower than hardwood

Tile flooring will be much cheaper than wooden floor but offer almost the same appearance.

  • Durable

Tile flooring is also durable if maintained properly.

  • Non-allergic

Tile flooring will not be allergic.

  • Easier installation

Comparatively installation of tile flooring is easier and often people can do it in a DIY way. 

  • Easy to maintain

Tile floors are easier to maintain by regularly mopping. 

  • Scratch-resistant

Tile floors will not have any issue if your pet scratches on them.

  • Moisture resistant

Tile floors will remain unaffected by moisture or wetness.


  • Cold to your feet

During the winter seasons, your feet will feel colder when you touch them. 

  • Heavier 

They are a little heavier and if you are installing them on your second or third floor then your tile contractors will end up lifting heavier weight.

  • Need replacement if damaged

If any of the tiles get damaged or broken then you have to only replace them as they cannot be repaired like your wooden floors. 

As you can see both the options have lots of pros and a few cons too. Therefore, it will entirely be your personal choice. If you have any plan to resell your house then you may prefer for wooden flooring option. You can get experienced timber flooring contractors from the flooring directories available on the Flooring Domain site.

David Lockhart