A Fine Stay at the Mykonos for You

A Fine Stay at the Mykonos for You

If you are looking for the most famous beaches in Mykonos for their nightlife, we suggest those of Paradise and Super Paradise, with their respective clubs which are very famous among locals and tourists: be prepared for loud decibels, many crowded and party until the early hours! Note that the prices there are higher compared to the Greek average both for the facilities (between 20 and 30 € approximately for two deckchairs and a parasol) than for cocktails. With the Mykonos Luxury Services Provider – The Ace VIP  you can have the best stay at Mykonos. Choose the best option and go for the very best. Surely the time you will be spending there will be the finest thanks to the services and the arrangements you will experience there. For exploring Mykonos, your place of stay needs to be the best, and this is the best that you can have.

The Glamour of Mykonos

To discover the more glamorous side of Mykonos, the beaches of PlatisYalos and Psarou will seduce you: you will find luxury hotels and most of the national stars. You should know that the price level is the same as on the beaches of Paradise and Super Paradise. If you are looking for a trendy place but at more affordable and less touristy prices, we recommend Ornos Beach.

Finding calm beaches in Mykonos is difficult, but not impossible! If you prefer to avoid crowds of tourists, go to the beach of AgiosSostis in the north of the island. Remember to go there instead in the morning when there are still few people, but bring an umbrella with you, because the beach is not equipped. If you like adventure, you can go to Kapari beach in eastern Mykonos: more difficult to access on foot, but the view and the few tourists is worth it! Here too, remember to bring an umbrella and suitable shoes for your mini-hike.


For an unforgettable stay, here are 3 essentials not to be missed during your getaway to Mykonos:

  • Mykonos nightlife: This is why the island is known, so even if the evenings until the early hours aren’t really your thing, you can take a stroll in the many bars and clubs of Chora and the beach bars of the various beaches: Omega club, CavoParadiso, Voodoo, Paradise Club to name a few. This is where the heart of Mykonos nightlife beats.


  • Visit its mills: The mills of Santorini (Kato Mili) are among the best known monuments and are perfect for taking photos and watching the sunset. Visit them to lose yourself in a time when Mykonos was still an island that lived thanks to its agriculture and where the mills were still running! You will find the mills about 500 km from Little Venice, very close to the Mykonos Folk Museum.
  • Beach activities: The beach is not just there to relax! On some of them like Kalafati for example, you will find a plethora of activities to do: windsurfing, diving, etc. There is no limit to the fun.


Bonnie Baldwin