A Guide to Organising a Big Bike Holiday

A Guide to Organising a Big Bike Holiday

If you live in the UK and you ride a big bike, why not organise your 2021 holiday on two wheels? From the end of May until the end of September, the weather in the UK is very suitable for outdoor activities like camping and big bike touring.

Acquiring a Big Bike

If you search online, you can findused bikes at Wheels Motorcycles, who happen to be one of the leading UK bike dealerships that have a range of new and used bikes for sale. Of course, if you want to ride a 650cc touring bike, you will need a Class A licence and by starting with a provisional licence, you can gain valuable riding experience riding a 125cc bike and within a two-year period, you can obtain the compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate that allows you to apply for the Class A licence. Of course, a touring bike would be at least 600cc, with a four-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that has heaps of power and whether you prefer the Honda or Suzuki machines, they are available with low-interest finance.

The Internet

This is a great resource to discover the many local attractions that can be found in the UK, plus you can either book a space in a campsite or to book rooms in a local inn. While the entire UK is currently under lockdown, now is the time to plan next year’s holiday, before hotels and campsites are fully booked and there are so many great regions in the UK, you can choose a different venue every time you plan a trip. You might wish to travel to the Lake District, or spend a weekend exploring the north of Wales; wherever you wish to go, you can find useful information online.


The great British summer is perfect for camping and with a medium touring bike, you can pack everything you need on the bike. There are some great camping sites that have all the amenities you would expect from a 5-star facility and camping is a very inexpensive way to spend time with natural beauty.

Roadside Recovery

While you need the compulsory level of insurance to legally ride on public roads, when touring far from home, you are advised to take out roadside recovery cover, which would involve repairing the bike on the side of the road and should that not be possible, the mobile team would take you and your bike to your chosen destination. Click here for details on how to have your vehicle serviced during the pandemic.

Tech Add-Ons

You will need an adjustable smartphone holder, which allows you to follow the directions given by Google Maps or another GPS application and the same device will wirelessly charge your mobile device, ensuring your smartphone will not suddenly run out of power. You can also acquire storage boxes and side panniers for storing extra camping gear and also buy a solar blanket, which you roll open during the day to charge the lithium-iron battery.

There’s nothing to beat taking a motorcycle holiday on the UK and with so many great areas to visit, you can plan several trips for the summer of 2021.


Paul Petersen