A New Form of Ad to Add to Portfolio

A New Form of Ad to Add to Portfolio

In the world of online marketing, there are seemingly endless prospects to market you and your business. Marketing opportunities include:

  • PPC or pay-per-click;
  • Native advertising;
  • SEO or search engine optimization;
  • Display advertising among the most common.

You can now add to your portfolio of advertising, solo ads emails. You are possibly not certain what this is but there are basics for you to know.

What solo ads emails are?

A quick list of solo email ad is a one-time email blast that is sent on behalf of another party to their own email list – usually for a fee. Typically, this can be a flat-fee or a fee based on performance.

Quick list

The part that is the “quick list” is references to a list already built by someone else. This is not the same asif you buy an email list where you get the email and contact information of people. Instead the list being emailed is designed, maintained, and owned by the company or person that you are paying for the information. You will not have access to the list as the emails are sent by the company or person owning it. Usually you will provide the sender with the copy that you want to have appear in the email, or in some cases, the sender might choose to edit your copy and write their own.

Solo ads traffic

The solo ads traffic will depend on finding solo ads sent to engaging audiences as it is most important to make certain you are messaging to the correct audience. You would not be talking about top backyard landscaping tips to those who are owners of apartments. So, with solo ads, you need to know not only your target audience but also the audience of the list you will be emailing. Many reputable solo ad providers will be able to give you a fair idea of the demographics of these lists.

Clare Louise