Acquire Tips From A Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes

Acquire Tips From A Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Lopes

 My entrepreneurial journey starts with minimal errands. I sold a sports card and founded my first company at the age of 17 years. However, this journey has not been a cakewalk, but the current ventures are quite helpful for helping others. The most popular experience of mine is Kimurawear, which has gained massive popularity as well as sales in recent years. Apart from that, I have a podcast platform named Jeff Knows Inc. in addition to these the real estate venture is the brand new project.

What are the tips for the young entrepreneur?

The journey of every entrepreneur is different. Though there can be some similarities, failure and success are the most common things in all. In my opinion, and the lessons I learned from my entrepreneurial journey constitutes two basic things:

  • Do not ever get scared of being the hardest worker. Being successful is different. You have to get ready for a race every day. At any point in time, the person behind you can succeed. It is not easy to maintain success as it needs discipline. I learned this very early that we shouldn’t get afraid of taking risks. Risks are the best driver that can help you to attain massive success. Staying on top needs a lot of work and effort. If you are ready for that, then only the entrepreneur journey starts for you.
  • Getting a hold of your passion and believing in your vision is very important. Set a goal that seems impossible to others. Do not consider any kind of excuses. The market is going to be tough on you. It is wise to get ready for combat. When I founded Kimurawear, numerous doubters think of it as an impossible job. But at this time when the brand has gained a massive share of popularity, then they are mum. Do not ever get scared of the results. Just put all of your efforts and provide discipline.

Where can our users connect for getting your bits of advice?

It is preferred to email me personally like it’s the best way to address problems. In addition to that, you can also opt for my podcast platform, i.e. Jeff Knows Inc. Platforms to listen or any other social media. They can get all the help regarding any issues. I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to help others, as well.

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