Advantages of learning Spanish in Spain

Advantages of learning Spanish in Spain

It’s not a coincidence that every year are more the students who choose Spain to learn Spanish. This country exerts on the student a special magnetism based on cultural diversity and a healthy and fun lifestyle. The open nature of its people, traditions, universities, nightlife of its cities, enviable climate, beaches, Mediterranean diet and excellent communications have turned Spain into the perfect destination to learn Spanish. In addition, this country stands out for its practical academic offer and global work environment. 

Advantages of learning Spanish living in Spain

Spanish is among the most studied languages. More than 21 million students study Spanish as a foreign language in the world. In fact, the Spanish disputes the second place with French and Mandarin Chinese, behind English. Students from all over the world come to Madrid, the world capital of Spanish, to learn this language in many schools, like, an academy that offers courses with different levels of intensity in Denia, one of the most welcoming cities to study and enjoy the pleasant weather of Spain. 

Fast and easy

Learning a language in the country of origin of the language is much faster than if we do it in our own country. It is logical, because we are listening and communicating in the language all day instead of go to classes few hours a week. 


In Spanish courses for foreign students, teachers set goals to improve vocabulary and language comprehension, and all lessons are taught in Spanish from day one.  For this reason, when learning Spanish in Spain, the classes are more effective. The student lives in the country and can continue learning and practicing all day in their daily life: when they go shopping, to the cinema or to a restaurant.


It`s not same that the students learn spanish in the originarian country than they live in Spain, learning the language while having fun. In this way, it’s possible to continue learning while chatting with friends, participating in cultural or sports activities or simply making new friends.

More employment opportunities

Learning in Spain considerably can improve employment opportunities, especially in sectors related to the busines sector, international relations, medicine, science and commerce. A lot of companies look for candidates who have studied Spanish in Spain because it is more likely that have more knowledge, higher level, more language skills and better understanding. 

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David Lockhart