Advantages Of Using The PDF Format

Advantages Of Using The PDF Format

The full form of PDF is Portable Document Format. It is a format designed to enable users to view documents in electronic form on any operating system and not rely on the software or hardware to function. The original developers of PDF were Adobe Systems.

It is based on the PostScript Format and is universally compatible with all kinds of file formats. The format is utilized by people from all walks of life all over the world. Let us discuss the advantages of using the PDF format.

The format of the document stays intact

When you edit and transfer files across devices using Microsoft Word or any other word processor, it often happens that the formatting has completely changed. This can create a lot of havoc and also cause embarrassment to clients and co-workers. Whereas when you work with the PDF format, you are assured that the format will remain the same, which was there when you had the document.

Even for printing purposes, the PDF format is the most suitable. If you want your file back in Word format, you can simply convert PDF to Word and work in the desired format.

The file size is smaller

PDF files are highly compressed to a small size, and they still have a high quality. This means that you save up on your hard drive space. Moreover, if you have to upload the file somewhere where there are size limits, PDF will ensure that you do not cross the upper limit.

You Can Protect the Files With A Password

Many of our files have sensitive content that we would like to keep safe, especially when using a shared PC. Companies also expect employees to keep their documents protected at all times. PDF files have the feature of adding passwords which ensure that any spying cannot happen and your files are always secure. You can edit PDF details to enable this feature.

Can Run On Any Operating System

PDF works on most of the operating systems out there. So, it really doesn’t matter whether you are using a PC or Mac to access the document. Both devices will give you an equal experience in terms of access. You can also open PDF files easily on smartphones. So, there is zero concern about the receiver unable to view the document being sent.

Accommodate non-text elements seamlessly

PDFs boast of visually enriching and appealing layouts that add to the viewer experience. They also have the feature of integrated links that can pop up and open in the viewer’s internet browser when they open the document on their computer or smartphone.

PDF is here to stay

Technology is undergoing a rapid shift with each passing day; however, PDF is a technology that is not going to disappear any time soon. A fundamental shift in how things are done would be necessary to make PDFs irrelevant.

The format has a long history and a solid background, making it impossible for it to go away so quickly. If you invest in PDF software right now, you can be assured that it will pay off.


Clare Louise