Adventure Vacations for the Entire Family – Including Teens

Adventure Vacations for the Entire Family – Including Teens

If you want a great way for your family, including teens, to be active then choosing hiking adventure vacations can be a great option.

Hut-to-Hut Hiking Adventure Vacations

These trips will offer hikers a way to travel some of the most beautiful landscapes on foot in Europe. Depending on the trip, you will stay in hotels or small mountain lodges.

With these trips, there are some nights in mountains huts or villages that offer simpler accommodations, but all provide meals and beverages. Each hut will have its own rustic charm and character.

These can generally be simple accommodations with a common dining room and bunks, but some do offer more luxurious or private accommodations.

During these hikes, you should expect to be taken off the beaten path and into remote areas. Popular action adventures include trips through the Tour du Mont Blanc in France, Italy and Switzerland and Dolomites Hut Hike in Northern Italy.

Inn-to-Inn Hiking Vacations

These adventurous trips will have the same travel experience by foot but will end the day in a hotel, inn, or B&B. These accommodations will offer private rooms, and some have their own restaurant and bar.

These will be less remote and some of these include the England Coast to Coast and Across the Berner Oberland trips.

Hotel Based Hiking Trips

If you don’t like the idea of having to pack up and move and want to settle in an area for a little bit but still want to enjoy some good hikes, these hotel-based hiking trips can be the perfect choice.

These trips can be more remote in nature so they can be a perfect option for the whole family. On these trips, you can stay in comfortable hotels and enjoy moderate day hikes in surrounding areas. Some of the trips include Trekking in Tuscany and the Coastal Maine Hiking trip.

Nicholas Jansen