Alcohol uses you didn’t know existed

Alcohol uses you didn’t know existed

When someone says the word alcohol, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is drinking. But, alcohol is not only used for this. Alcohol can be used in the electronics industry in the forms of anhydrous, denaturated alcohol and 99,9% absolute ethanol, as well as in the pharmaceutical industry for the development, creation and production of medicinal drugs and many more products.

First of all, let’s start with cleaning products that everybody owns and which make the daily cleaning of your house an easy process thus saving you time. The bad thing is that most of the products contain dangerous and active chemical substances. These chemical substances stay as residues in your space and can be toxic for yourself, your family and your pets. Even products that are considered “green” or “ecological” might contain dubious ingredients. 

What is the alternative you might ask. You can use simple materials that you have already in your home which might have multiple uses. Ingredients such as soda, coconut oil, vinegar and pharmaceutical alcohol can be used and act as natural cleaning products as well as for cosmetic products.

What is medicinal alcohol?

Medicinal alcohol comprises of the chemical substance isopropylic alcohol or isopropanol diluted in water. It contains alcohol, water and bad smell agents so as not to be consumed orally and by accident by children or adults. Furthermore, the bad smell agents are added because drinking isopropylic alcohol can cause blindness in small dosages as well as death in larger quantities. The body metabolizes isopropylic alcohol to acetone. This substance can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, suppression of the main nervous system, internal organ failure and in rare occasions coma or death. For these reasons, isopropyl alcohol must never be swallowed and get in touch with eyes. Finally, this alcohol as well as pure alcohol are very flammable and for that it must be stored in safe places. 

Why should we keep similar alcohols at home?

Isopropyl alcohol is one of the best disinfectant agents and this is the reason you can often find it in first-aid kits for the healing of wounds and for the prevention of infection from microorganisms. You can find pharmaceutical alcohol in every drugstore and stores with cleaning products. Besides its pharmaceutical uses, you can use isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning and disinfectant product in your house since it has many uses. You can find here some of the major uses of alcohol for home use. First and foremost, it disinfects and gets rids off bed bugs, small insects that are hard to trace. They usually live in old furniture, clothes and hotel rooms. Pharmaceutical alcohol destroys bed bugs. 

Additionally, it cleans your skin, fights inflammation and kills bacteria thus preventing acme. It soothes and cures infected pimples. Just be sure not to regularly use pharmaceutical alcohol so as to avoid dryness. Finally, alcohol cures herpes and lip wounds. To speed the healing process, apply alcohol to the wound twice a day until it heals completely.

Source: sasma bv

Edward Powell