All you need to know about Criminal Defense Attorney

All you need to know about Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal defense attorney is essentially a lawyer that leads the case for the accused and is responsible for the course of action that the case takes. He has to defend the accused and mold the case such that the accused is benefitted.

Since crime is at a rise in the nation, it becomes more necessary that the right action is taken for those who are guilty and that law can save the life of the accused that have been wrongly used in such cases.


A DUI attorney is very important for your case and can set the course for the case. He has to look into the details of the crime and find solid evidence and witnesses that resonate with the statement of the accused. He also has to keep track of the achievements of the prosecution and must be able to counter them with logical arguments that are strongly based on evidence and details.

He also has to keep his client in the loop and inform him constantly about the progress of the case as he explains to him the charges pressed against him and the effect they have on his case.

In addition to that, he must persuade the jury into believing what benefits his client. He has to have solid arguments and be well prepared. He must have good skills for communicating with the jury and the other members of the court, inclusive of the prosecution team.


The minimum requirements to be a Criminal Defense Attorney are:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Law
  • Passed the BAR Exam
  • Be practicing and/or pursue masters
  • (Optional) Have previous experience through internships


In addition to all that is mentioned, a criminal defense attorney must study daily to keep in track the latest updates and freshest information about his field. He must always be well-equipped and not have a past of lost causes.

As a person, he must be very persuasive and have a keen attention to detail. He must invest a lot of time in his homework for a case. This is why now this field is growing. People are becoming more and more interested in this because of increased interest in law.

However, the competition is extremely high and there is no compromise howsoever with the qualities of the attorney hired by the accused.

David Lockhart