All you need to know Advantages And Disadvantages about Anal Sex

All you need to know Advantages And Disadvantages about Anal Sex

Today we are talking about a practice that is at times hated and at times loved, but which has always been so widespread: anal sex. Everyone likes it a bit, men and women, but I will focus specifically on female anal sex in this article. Read on if you want to discover all its secrets!

Anal sex has been practiced by both the male and female gender for millennia. And for the same time this practice has been culturally punished and sometimes even censored. Today, with the spread of the internet and numerous porn sites, it is easy to find different porn movies in which it is practiced and from which to take inspiration, but until a few decades ago the situation was very different! Precisely for this reason, many couples and people still cannot find the right serenity to face it and try it, fearing to feel too much pain and to be labeled in who knows what way. In reality, anal sex can be practiced with serenity if you take into account and become aware of the advantages and disadvantages it brings with it.

Just to make the fear pass to all those who would like to please their partner, but cannot find the courage to practice anal sex, let’s start by highlighting the contraindications and let’s see together some disadvantages, which it is important to emphasize are easily circumvented with the right ones. precautions:

Risk of disease transmission: the risk of contracting sexually transmitted and non-sexually transmitted diseases comes first among the disadvantages. The world of sex, as we know, is also characterized by them, and anal sex is not a practice without all of this. One might think that since there is no risk of conception, a condom may not be used. Nothing more wrong! Since there are various intestinal bacteria in the rectum and anus, it is very important to use a condom, even if you know your partner perfectly and are sure of not having venereal diseases. It is also important, once you have practiced anal sex, not to engage in anything else, such as vaginal or oral sex, before changing condoms, precisely because bacteria can affect the vaginal and mouth mucous membranes, creating unpleasant inconveniences.

Pain: Anal sex has a slightly higher level of pain than vaginal sex, but nothing unbearable. In fact, once you become aware of your body, these painful sensations are transformed into sensations of pleasure, especially if the area is properly lubricated. One can find a certain analogy with the first times in which sex is practiced. It hurts at first, but after that it’s just pleasure and you can even try it with sex toys!

Among the advantages of anal sex, on the other hand, we can undoubtedly include:

– The pleasure: The sensations experienced during anal penetrations , when combined with the stimulation of the clitoris, are definitely incomparable. There is no other practice that will allow you to achieve such strong orgasms. So keep the small disadvantages in mind, take the necessary precautions and don’t hesitate to try it! You will not be disappointed!

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