America’s First Cannabis Cafe

America’s First Cannabis Cafe

The perception of cannabis has come a long way in recent years, and California’s Lowell Farms is taking the opportunity to make history this September; on the 24th of this month, Lowell Farms is opening America’s first cannabis cafe. Positioned in West Hollywood, this will be a place for people to eat, drink coffee, and enjoy cannabis and other related products with their friends. Lowell Cafe is a fully legal lounge and cannabis cafe that will offer an experience like nothing else in America today.

It has been possible to book reservations at the cannabis cafe for most of the summer, and thousands of people have taken the opportunity to schedule their first visits. The cafe figures to be a great success because it will serve products and use ingredients created by its parent company, Lowell Farms. In the southern California area, Lowell has established itself as one of the industry’s leading producers of high-quality, natural cannabis. Guests will take their pick from Lowell’s best selection of cannabis flowers, vapes, extracts, concentrates and edibles. Also, guests are welcome to bring personal cannabis after 10 pm.

For several years, the cannabis industry has benefited from the experimentation of top-name chefs around the country. Lowell Cafe features the work of one of the cannabis space’s most renowned chefs in Andrea Drummer. After having published a “cannabis cookbook”, Drummer will assure that guests enjoy cutting edge drinks, appetizers and entrees that bring out the best in the products offered at the cannabis cafe. The cafe’s food will not be infused with cannabis products, but Drummer has a unique opportunity to play with guests heightened senses of taste and smell. More impressively, with the help of farmers markets in the Los Angeles area, Lowell Cafe is expected to offer seasonal fare that boosts enjoyment of cannabis throughout the year.

The idea of a cannabis cafe is something that will surely appeal to many experienced cannabis users, but Lowell is making the effort to resonate with a less-experienced crowd as well. As a general rule, inexperienced cannabis users can feel comfortable knowing the cafe’s products will not induce unwanted side effects from pesticides or other non-organic chemicals. What’s more impressive is that Lowell offers a wide range of low THC and CBD products that are ideal for beginner users with low tolerance. Many of these products, along with more potent offerings, are available for purchase on Lowell Farms’ website. It’s also worth pointing out that, if they so choose, guests will not be required to purchase or consume any cannabis during their visit to Lowell Cafe.

As guests eagerly await their reservations at Lowell Cafe starting on September 24th, a new part of American history is being written. With a figurative connection to the end of alcohol prohibition in the early 1930s, cannabis users from around the country will travel from far and wide to visit the country’s first cannabis cafe. All signs indicate that Lowell Cafe stands for something that matters to people in California and the country at large.

Clare Louise