This is a very popular app store for Android TV. You can directly download and install apk files just in one place. No need to explore each and every apk file by the name on the internet. Explore awesome Android TV apps and games included in the app store. When you want to install any item of the third-party apps, just install the APKTime. By that APK time app explore any applications that you wanted. There are more types of specifications that can be found out by using the latest version of the APK Time. If you want to experience it, just install it.

Features of the APK Time

  • Requirements to use
    • Each of the users that wanted to experience the app, everyone had to be with a device along with the android version of the android version 5.0 and upwards. If there are no devices along with you, you can’t use the device.
  • Ad blockers
    • There are more types of ad blockers present here. If you want to block the interruptive ads here. That is a specific feature that is present in the app.
  • Access the settings
    • There are some more settings that contain here. Those all settings are along with much more specific features. By here you would get to know about those all advertisements. Those settings are the cache cleaner and the clearing of the data.
  • Keep on the latest version of the app
    • Each and every user has to keep the latest version only on your device. If there are more versions that you have previously installed, make sure to remove all of them before installing the latest version.
  • Much more categories
    • There are more types of categories that can be found through the apk time. Those categories are as games, videos, sports and as well as other categories like web browsers and other tools.
  • Permissions required
    • This app store not available on Play Store. Therefor you have to download apk file from internet. You can use Filelinked to install on any Android TV box for free. You have to enable “Unknown Sources” from settings to install apps from APKTime.
  • Explore all Android TV apps and games in one place
    • There are no more other places that can be found for the other third-party apps and apk files. Especially there are apps even you couldn’t explore while in the Google Play Store.
  • Multiple compatibility of the devices
    • There are more devices that are capable of using an app. If you want to really use this app, then try it on all of the devices that you have.

The apk time is a best store that you could use for the exploration of third-party apps that you couldn’t find on another place on the internet. Even keep in mind that, there are no other apps that can’t be similar to the app. If your Android TV run slow due to all those installed apps and games, use any clean master apps to clean RAM and boost speed.

Clare Louise