Augmented Reality – Generating Lucrative Prospective For Business World

Augmented Reality – Generating Lucrative Prospective For Business World

Though the terminology of augmented reality has not come into the widespread popularity among the large community of tech-savvy and people of technical backgrounds, it is nevertheless becoming one of the greatest factors for the people involved in business such as running online stores or in-stores. Among a lot of potential reasons which can be cited for the support of the aforesaid statement, one that augmented reality is a technology consisting of huge potentialities to superimpose physical surrounding with that of virtual one is one of the best reasons.

What is augmented reality by the way?

As to be stated in the simple term, the augmented reality is technically a system or methodology of augmenting the reality of real world environment or physical surrounding with that of virtual reality with additive of superimposed information, thereby creating an impression of digital perception using 3D immersion technology with the help of computer generated data or information.

You can also understand this as an example of any available smart phone that can support AR app, say for example, Alive App. This app needs an installation so that you can use your smart phone’s camera to take the picture of anything in the field of your vision. For this, you need to hold on your phone’s camera while training/pointing at certain object up to few seconds until the imagery of the object gets processed by the installed Alive app.

Soon you have in your field of vision the digital output of the imagery in your mobile phone. The point to be noted is that the imagery seems the digital expression of the source image but with added information which you may be looking for to know more about particular object.

What does that concept have anything to do with business profitability?

The concept of augmented reality has relation with business profitability because the method of this tech can be applied on giving customers a unique way of viewing things or products on sale at particular store or shop. Meanwhile, the AR gears including Google Glass and head-mounted eye-wear enables users view things in their virtual reality which present information about the related product or thing in simulated mode of efficiency.

This will surely give any business an advantage of receiving huge influx of customers to their store because everyone appreciates the experience of comfort, and with the AR technique of viewing things in virtual appearance, everything about certain product becomes crystal clear in terms of price and features. It’s like viewing things clearly at a distance.

With that, the demand for augmented reality experts, who can help business community integrate the technology to their business channels, will increase by leaps and bounds.

David Lockhart