Avail ‘Interest-Free’ Offer on Ooni Pizza Ovens at BBQs 2u

Avail ‘Interest-Free’ Offer on Ooni Pizza Ovens at BBQs 2u

UK is known for barbecue and chilled beer under the scorching heat. Recently, a new trend has been added, baking pizza in the backyard. The restriction in mobility in 2020 has made people crazy to a point where they are ready to do anything to get a bite of their favourite junk foods, burgers, and pizzas. The UK market is driven by the increasing popularity of pizza, which led to the boost of commercial wood fire pizza ovens.

BBQs 2u, the leading online retailer in the UK dealing in barbecue grills and pizza ovens has seen remarkable increase in the demand of pizza ovens. One of the sales team members of BBQs 2u says, “We knew that Brits are crazy for barbecues, so we always focused on stocking up grills in the warehouse, but rapidly increasing demand for pizza ovens took us aback. We have series of inquiries about the best pizza oven in the UK. Every day we get calls from customers requesting for wood fire pizza ovens.”

On 1st September 2021, they updated new stock of Ooni Koda 16 after experiencing huge demand for the product. The company is known to be an independent Weber barbecue online retailer that has been selling Weber barbecues and pizza ovens since 2002. All their staffs are trained at the Weber Grill Academy. BBQs 2u is known to sell optimum quality to their customers along with grilling-related accessories.

A few years back they introduced the highest-selling Masterbuilt Gravity series from the US. However, before introducing it in the UK market, they examined the product to see if it is compatible with the UK climate. The reason behind increasing loyal customers for BBQs 2u is their exclusive offers and surprise gifts.

September 12, 2021, they introduced a new INTEREST-FREE offer on the Ooni Koda 12 and 16. Customers can make 3 interest-free EMI payments on Ooni Pizza ovens if paid via Paypal. So, they can save £166.33 on Koda 16 and £99.33 on Koda 12.

Koda 12 bakes 12 inches pizza in just 60 seconds. The advance technology of the pizza oven prepares the oven for baking in 15 minutes. Koda 12 comes with a 1-year warranty and 3 years extended warranty if registered on the Ooni website. BBQs 2u provides free delivery of Koda 12 and 16 anywhere in the UK.

The Koda 12 model comes with –

  • Cordierite stone baking board.
  • A manual to handle the machine and a Guide book with recipes and tips.
  • Regulator and hose for propane gas tank.

Ooni is world’s No.1 pizza company. Their pizza ovens cook superfast. Every bite of pizza slice contains the smoky and charred flavour of a wood fire. The award-winning pizza ovens draw the attention of many pizza lovers. BBQs 2u stocks and sells not only Ooni pizza ovens, but Kamado Joe BBQs, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt Gravity series along with grilling and baking accessories.

Follow them on Instagram to avail their special offers and surprises. BBQs 2u is known to be the most reliable online retail store. Their efficient and fast delivery service makes them different from other barbecue retailers. If you’re barbecue and pizza lover, then check out their Kamado limited edition t-shirts and ‘ThankQue’ project to show your passion.

David Lockhart